Pinnacle Systems Pinnacle PCTV USB2 : Excellent value for the money

Though this product doesn’t deliver the video quality of a tv, it is perfectly adequate for watching and recording cable. The drivers and software have no conflicting issues with my windows xp pro os. Setting up times and recording shows are self-explanatory. Works very nice, stays out of the way, and best of all, is usb 2. For an inexpensive way to watch tv on your laptop on the side, this product will work well for you.

After reading a couple of negative reviews, i tempered my enthusiasm for buying one of these but did so anyway since the price was right (i received a $20 rebate). In short, the device has far exceeded my expectations. My intended use for it is on the road with my dell 700m laptop (with xp sp2), which has a 1280×800 display resolution. Given some of the reported driver problems, i was a bit concerned that the laptop’s rather unique screen size might pose a problem with the pctv, but was wrong. On system reboot after the install, the software runs a comprehensive diagnostic to make sure everything is in order. For me, everything worked as advertised. I also installed the software on my desktop just to see the comparison, especially since my desktop is a two monitor system. If anything, it works even better there, although i can’t drag the tv window over to the 2nd monitor. The image is far superior to the 7″ lcd tv i have for use during power outages we may get in florida courtesy of hurricanes, and at about 1/3rd the cost, not to mention at a tiny fraction of both the weight and the size. In fact, at full screen it is at least as good as any tv set at a comparable distance. This was a pleasant surprise, although i personally would consider it a waste to use my desktop as a full size tv. The fact that you can record using it is gravy. The (measured) power draw on my laptop’s battery is nominal, almost no worse than running without it. I would have rated this product a 5, except for the following annoyances, none of which is fatal:a) as i’m sure pinnacle is aware, the driver needs more work.

As a tv tuner it functions ok. It isn’t anything spectacular, but when one considers the comparatively high resolutions that computer monitors produce (as opposed to traditional pal/ntsc televisions) the quality is rather good. A previous reviewer claimed that the a/v inputs were not functional. I currently have my xbox plugged into it and am playing it windowed on my pc. My complaints are that 1) there is a video lag with the inputs, 2) the provided software is sketchy at best, and 3) pinncale demands extra money to ‘unlock’ different encoding methods, (i. ) in short, it does what it says, but that is about it.

After sitting around in a drawer for years i finally got mine working in xp. You need to download the driver and make sure you have a real usb 2. 0 port and that it actually works. I couldn’t get the stupid thing to work for years because pinnacle wouldn’t provide drivers and the usb ports on my intel motherboard didn’t work properly. Now i’ve got a new computer with good usb 2. 0 ports that work ok and the driver is installed but the ironic thing is there are no more analog tv channels to watch nowa good way to test the usb ports is to get an internet radio thumb drive like the one from muzee and plug it in and try it. It is just a flash drive that’s formatted like a cd-rom with the internet radio player program on it and when you plug it into the usb port the pc thinks it’s a new cd-rom drive and uses autorun to automatically start the program and run it so you don’t have to load any software. It will only work if your usb 2. You also need a fast computer such as a 2.

  • It finally works!
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Does what it says, but

Pinnacle PCTV USB2 ( 210100387 ) TV Tuner and Video Capture Device

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Turn your PC into a personal video recorder (PVR); burn recording to disc
  • Plugs into the USB 2.0 port of your computer
  • Video can be recorded using MPEG or DV real-time compression
  • Watch, record and pause live TV; import video footage from other sources like a VCR, camcorder or DVD-player
  • Small and compact, and draws power from the USB port

Sony DHG-HDD500 60-Hour High-Definition Digital Video Recorder – DHG-HDD500 HD DVR

Creating this predominantly simply because of the complaints i have noticed. Of useage, it is easily the ideal equipment i have owned in truth i was examining on buying one more or extra-progress variation. It has all the top quality of my jvc hd tape recorder (viewed on a 55′ screen) in addition the adaptability of fast ff, slo-mo. –not as fantastic as a quality dvd player, but shut. I you should not have tivo, but have a realtv dvr of typical definition, so do not understand the comparisons. This device worked great with ota high definition, and. When i returned to cable (after the adelphia disaster), it worked nicely with both equally, remaining able to method both of those inputs to function as just one. Employing a cable-card, it does not need a high definition cable box. I use a sd box for other cable applications. My only reservation is the tv set guidebook programming and the problems of arranging the tutorial to match my choices from among the the 300, or so, out there on time=warner. For a extended time it was erratic, exhibiting only 2 times and then skipping a working day or 2. Other assets, however, authorized me to manually system with no dilemma, even tho is was stored as ‘unknown’ by day, time and channel the recording commence-cease timing is very versatile. Recently, the tv set information programming has been fantastic, but , i guess, handful of points in everyday living are certain.

I am quite joyful with this sony dvr. The high definition recording is really quick and the playback is ideal. Potential (at the very least with the 500) is not a difficulty both. I would certainly advise this solution.

I was previously an operator of a sony dhg-hdd250 (30 hour high definition capability recording). I required a 2nd sony to use not only as a recorder, but for its ntsc digital tuner (these sony tuners give excellent video). I identified this hdd500 on amazon just after attempting ebay and shedding a number of auctions. The amazon machine was delivered speedily and arrived in practically new condition. I will be the 1st to tell you, if you are not acquainted with these devices they can be pretty complicated to get established up and doing work correctly. They use the ‘tv manual on screen’ procedure to get your television set display listings and it is the easiest way to method the machines to get your programs recorded. You can set the devices to document manually, but it is not as straightforward, or as quickly as applying the ‘tv guide’ method. Without having it you never get the titles or dates of what you have recorded. The trouble is, finding the sony dvrs to realize the channels in your spot and then getting them to ‘lock’ in correctly on the station that delivers the digital facts the equipment need to have to use the ‘tv guide’ procedure. On the two of my sonys i have had to vacation resort to undertaking a finish factory reset to the original settings and then get them updated after once again to the newest software package for each the machine and the ‘tv guide’ technique.Here are the specifications for the Sony DHG-HDD500 60-Hour High-Definition Digital Video Recorder:

  • High-definition-capable digital video recorder with 500 GB storage: 60 hours of HD programming or up to 400 hours of standard content
  • Includes NTSC and ATSC tuners; a perfect match for bringing off-air HDTV reception to HD-ready televisions and monitors
  • Pause, rewind, and record live high-definition TV; record one program while watching another; HDMI/component-video outputs
  • CableCARD slot accommodates digital cable decoder cards; Memory Stick PRO media slot lets you enjoy digital photos and MP3 music
  • Measures 16.9 x 3.3 x 14 inches (W x H x D)

five/11/09 my new/employed sony dhg-hdd250 works wonderful. The photo and audio top quality of recorded tv systems are ideal. I have a huge roof best antenna. I get about 10 digital chanels and about one/2 the packages are in high deff. The live and/or recorded high def. Packages have excellent picture high quality. The a hundred web site book normally takes about 50 hrs of looking at and practising with the remote contorl to get fantastic at it. That is about typical for all this newer digital stuff [ tvs, vcrs, dvds, dvrs and so forth.

I really like this device especially hd photograph. I could not feel how nice the picture appears with dd5. I would give it the best score if it wasn’t for the remote control. There’s had been two assessment in below expressing that they can’t system it manually without having television set guideline monitor. You can manually plan the display devoid of the television set guide menu. I have indoor high definition antenna and the signal is not that powerful. As soon as i hooked up to my digital cable i picked all the area hd but for some explanation it isn’t going to display up on my television guidebook. All i have to do is go to that channel. Press and maintain rec button for just one 2nd and the menu will pop up on the left hand facet of the display screen and it will let you set the recording solution from there.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Sony 60 Hour HD DVR
  • Good product. Lousy remote
  • Pleased with the DVR

Every thing will work as marketed. I am receiving superb higher definition recordings with total dolby digital 5. I am employing the recorder with a roof antenna only – no cable, and making use of the hdmi output. Digital channels (about forty of them) and all seven of the ones broadcasting in high definition. The person interface and programming of recordings is not as straightforward as a tivo, but the program information is absolutely free. The data and programming has also survived several two hour energy outages. The recorder labored wonderful out of the box, but there are lots of menus for the geeks (like me) to engage in with. The five hundred gigs of storage are much more than satisfactory for my wants. All in all, i am very pleased with this order.

Immediately after reviewing people’s feedback, it would seem that these who browse the guide (so they know how to set it up and use all its attributes) get a large amount out of the device. All those that don’t know the unit’s capabilities imagine it is so-so or lousy. In this article is the bottom line: i acquired two of the 250 gb variations a single for my brother and one for a pal. Two months later on both equally procured two additional on their own. I experienced already acquired a person myself of program, and though it has negatives, it is continue to the ideal high-definition device recorder readily available. You need to reside an space where by your antenna can decide up hd alerts (or some other genuinely good significant-def sign), but if you do and set it up ideal, the graphic quality beats anything off cable or both satellite service. For those comparing it to tivo and some others:1) this just isn’t a tivo. It has an around-the-air hd tuner that is just amazing, and pulls in channels my atsc tv are unable to kind out. I can get 32 analog stations, of which about nine have marginal, snowy pictures. I get an astounding 41 digital channels, such as all 32 analog duplicates, and the photo is better than dvd, and many incorporate high-definition (1920×1080) channels with no compression artifacts. 2) tivo owns, and has successfully defended, program patents on the features people today want the sony to have. It is lawfully unachievable to duplicate their features. Do an internet look for if you really don’t imagine it. I consider the ‘tv guide’ interface of this sony (for shows and programming) is not slick but it performs great. I can set it to history repeats of any demonstrate, m-f, 1 time only, day by day, and so on. This operates better than a usual vcr programming, and consists of a lot of demonstrate information and facts.

I have had this recorder for about two months now with no the concerns some converse of here. Has recorded each demonstrate with out problem. The detail you may perhaps have to enjoy for is if they alter the reveals length from just one 7 days to the next as it will only history the 1st hour if they extended it to two hrs. Other than this, i have nonetheless to have a issue with it. Contrary to the several other individuals here i would endorse it.

This solution delivered far more than i predicted. It is an superb quality product. I simply cannot wait right up until this style of engineering is built into the tv. I use it one hundred% for around the air high definition signals and like that i have the possibility of cable card if i ever desired to pay out for additional tv set. So much ota provides plenty of for me.

It’s to some degree astounding that this dvr and its minor brother the dhg-hdd5250 are still mentioned on amazon (by way of third-get together sellers), and they’re offering for good rates on ebay, even nevertheless sony discontinued them in november 2005. They’ve formulated a cult pursuing for currently being amongst the small range of hdtv dvrs that don’t call for a subscription rate for their software guidebook, and can be made use of for about-the-air (ota) broadcasts. They can also be applied with cable tv set to acquire encrypted digital cable, they want a cablecard from the cable service provider. That method information, the tv set guide on display (tvgos) method from rovi (formerly macrovsion, formerly gemstar), is supported by advertising and marketing on the manual screens, somewhat than by consumer fees. Tvgos devices obtain it by way of signals ‘piggybacked’ onto more than-the-air (ota) broadcast television set signals, from host stations in (preferably) every single broadcast region. Sad to say, these dvrs rely so closely on tvgos that if they can not get a usable tvgos sign, they get rid of about 90% of their performance. Even the clock setting arrives from tvgos, and there’s no way to established the clock manually. If you you should not have tvgos, you won’t be able to even plan recordings by entering the channel variety and start off and prevent situations like on a vcr, except if you compensate for the difference in between the dvr’s clock time and your precise time. When these dvrs appeared, tvgos was carried on analog television set broadcasts, which triggered a great deal uncertainty and panic over what would take place when analog broadcast television shut down, which finally transpired on june 12, 2009. (quite a few analog tvgos host stations in fact shut down or turned off tvgos right before then, which include mine.

I reside in a substantial metropolitan city and each community broadcasts more than-the-air free digital and hd 24 hours a working day. I rarely have to watch just about anything on analog television. For me, the sony dhg-hdd 500 is the best recorder for the reason that i individually see little worth in spend television (have you checked the month to month charges for whole digital/high definition services?.I have programmed the dhg to record dozens of my favorite shows automatically and so when i want to look at a little something i normally have a vast choice of only the shows i want to see to select from — properly outlined by title. The dhg is very uncomplicated to established up and can be used instantly, but the totally free television set information will not be thoroughly functional for about 24 hrs simply because it is populated a very little at a time, each working day. As soon as stuffed in you can normally see what will be displaying, up to 8 times in advance on any channel in the manual. There are various diverse techniques to research the tv guideline to obtain and choose exhibits to document. You can history a show when or have the dhg report the display consistently with tiny intervention. You can set up the tv manual so that it displays only channels you want or all channels.

Is there any way we can get our sony dhg-hdd500 hd dvr recorder to work with our dish network satellite procedure?thank you ,peter.

[this assessment is dependent on experiences with the dhg-hdd250 the dhg-hdd500 is equivalent, besides that it is $one hundred fifty-$200 a lot more expensive and has two 250gb hard disks instead of just one particular.if you’re anything like me, you’re likely looking at this sony unit because tivo doesn’t make dvr that can receive high-definition (hd) broadcasts. (and the fact that tivo has been dragging its feet on hd is one of many reasons that the company is not long for this world. ) i bought the sony dhg-hdd250 to replace my old tivo box, and although there a few small things i gave up in the process, i’m mostly happy with my new sony. First and foremost: quality. Watching live tv on the sony unit is *almost* as good as watching tv with my tv’s built-in atsc tuner. The colors are slightly less-vibrant and there are a few more compression artifacts, but this is to be expected, and not terribly noticeable. Recordings are first-rate, and infinitely better than any low-def dvr, vcr, or even dvd recorder. And with the hdmi output, you can have a pure digital connection from the dvr to your tv. Probably the only quality issue is the confusing “format” button on the remote, which allows you to stretch or shrink the video to display correctly on a 16:9 widescreen tv. ]

Humax Remanufactured T800F 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder – Unit specs and pictures are wrong

In regards to the questionable dvd burner, what else would the dvd drive on the front of the pic be used for?. My guess is it must be a burner. If this is so it is truly a good deal. Too bad theres no more info.

Is this seriously a product with a dvd recorder?. The title and picture would look to show that it is, but the product variety and product description sound far more like a refurbished homax t800, not a product that has a dvd recorderi suspect that it is really not a dvd recorder product. Even now, it’s a really good offer at about $30.

My pal failed to want to pay out the tivo monthly cost ($12. I have made use of this item for above two months now with the tivo month-to-month subscription. It has expanded my tv viewing from the normal principal channels: abc, nbc, cbs, fox, cnn, and espn, to include numerous much more channels: oxygen, comedy central, azn, bravo, record, foodstuff network, and lots of much more. Tivo will allow me to established my wishlist and it searches the systems that match the list. It lookups and records the applications at all several hours and saves them in the tricky generate. It tells me regardless of whether there would be any conflict and permit me to make a decision how to deal with the overlapped courses. In excess of previous weekend, one/one/2006, the cable was out in my location. I was able to catch up on the saved programs like movies: shopping for a cow, lucky7, the sweetest items tv-series: shed, home, as you like it, voice inside of and infomational systems: the vanderbilt and king tut. It gives a svideo output for me to conserve the application to a dvd by way of an exterior dvd recorder.Here are the specifications for the Humax Remanufactured T800F 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder:

  • Digital video recorder with TiVo compatibility for recording and controlling live TV programs
  • Records up to 80 hours of TV entertainment without the hassles of videotape
  • Lets user pause, rewind, slow down, or provide instant replay for any channel, anytime
  • Offers electronic program guide (with 14 days of program data) and Wish List searches
  • Remanufactured to like-new condition; 90-day warranty

As of todays date the device specs and picture are mistaken for this products. This unit is just a tivo device without having dvd recorder function. Real specs can be noticed at the mfg web site at [. the unit with dvd recorder capabilities is the drt800 and is sold by amazon under asin b00065zk7m as a new unit and under asin b0009i9r84 as a refurb. ]

Nowhere does this condition that this is a dvd recorder. It says it it a dvr which stands for digital video recorder. It documents video on it’s inner tough generate. The photo won’t display a dvd slot. You are not able to make a dvd with this. Go below if you want to burn off dvd’s:. Com/exec/obidos/tg/new-for-you/prime-sellers/-/audio-video/1036920/audio-video//one/ref=pd_kb_ln_/002-7805121-4532853?ts-parent-id=172514’>dvd recorders[.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • no problem and perform as expect
  • You all are idiots! This is NOT A DVD RECORDER!!
  • DVR not DVD burner

Of working with humax purchaser provider so can not attest to the other evaluations out here – despite the fact that we could have to now due to the fact we are just now starting to have lock-up issues. All i can say is we’ve had our humax for a pair of years now and absolutely really like it. It is been difficulty-free of charge and does every little thing it should really. We specially love the means to burn our recorded exhibits right to dvd. We have a further device which is not a humax and i isn’t going to have the dvd capability – i hope we can locate another humax as i don’t want to be lessened to just the common tivo capabilities.

This product does not declare to be a dvd burner, it is just a dvr that records 80 several hours (in it is harddrive). That is what dvrs do, if that what you want excellent, if it is just not then it’s not for you. I you should not see why there is so much confusion.