Azend Group Corp Azend Group Envizen Home Roam TV – Portable : The Azend 100 ft wireless TV is great. Good wireless transmission

The azend 100 ft wireless tv is great. Good wireless transmission, and good picture. I used it recently on vacation to have a tv in the bedroom in a rental cottage. It worked great, as i was able to easily hook up the transmitter box to the cable box in the cottage (in living room) and then turn on the tv in the bedroom. The sound is ok, but on occasion i hook up the headphone jack on the azend to a portable speaker i have and it then sounds great. Love watching the reds baseball games out on the porch on the azend as well.

I saw this product on a home shopping channel, but came to amazon to read reviews. It had good reviews – so i took the plunge and ordered – and boy oh boy, am so happy that i didset up was easy – and my hubby & i were sitting out on our patio watching tv that evening. You can order additional cables so that you have hook-ups for your dvd player, cable box and other media outputs. It saved us from putting a tv outside and you can carry this guy around when doing laundry, cooking in the kitchen, etc. We leave it plugged in overnight so it’s ready to go for the next day. I think this is a great alternative to having tv’s all around the house.

For months, i had been looking for a portable tv to have for outside or in my garage. Everything i found produced only a couple of channels and i was disappointed. The envizen roam is not actually a tv but a receiver however, it was exactly what i was looking for. The envizen picks up whatever you currently are watching on tv and thus you can watch your program whether you are outside or in another room. Battery lasts about 2 hours but comes with a charger so this was not a problem for me. I love being outside and not have to run inside the house to see if my program/football game has already started. The receiver connects to your cable/satellite box and will only receive the specific program you are watching on that television. I plan to purchase a second one soon for my other satellite box.

I bought this a couple weeks ago. It was so easy to hook up and worked right away. At the moment, the antenna is hooked into cable upstairs. I went downstairs and it worked fine. It plays in the basement, front porch and detached garage. It is not an hd type picture but sufficient. I can hook it up to a bigger tv as long as it has the yellow and white connections (does not have to have the red). It can save a person from renting an extra cable box. I was cleaning out my garage last weekend and had my home roam receiver connected to my 13 inch tv. I was watching my sixers playing knicks on nba tv wirelessly. The other connection is hooked into my cable box in the upstairs bedroom. My garage is detatched so i would guess the two connections are at least 80 feet apart.

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Azend Group Envizen Home Roam TV – Portable, Personal 7 Inch LCD Receiver for all Cable /TV Channels HR701, Black

  • Portable wireless in Home TV
  • Watch subscribed to premium channels
  • 100′ Range
  • Plays for 2 hours

I bought this with the intention of using it for gaming on my ps3 and watching a little tv. The picture quality was okay, but there was a delay between my gaming system and the home roam tv, so the former didn’t work out for real-time, online gaming (e. It’s okay if you plan to use it to watch tv and blu-ray’s/dvd’s, but think of it more as a temporary/quick tool, since it doesn’t control your tv by letting you change channels, but you can hook it up to pretty much any device that has an a/v output.

I love this awesome little techno-gadget. It is exactly what i was looking for. I hooked it up to my dish dvr system in 5 minutes. It is simple to use, and i don’t need to turn on my large flat screen to watch programming on this little beauty. I can find my show, then go to the kitchen, outside, to the bathroom, to the garage etc. It works when plugged into an outlet & also has a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 3 hours. The picture is great, sound is good too. It can be hooked up to a larger screen in another room, and larger speakers too.

My 88 year old grandma wanted this. She originally saw it at her friends house. I hooked it up for her and viola. . I can see what ever channel was on tv (she has cable and yes, you can see that was well). She loves it and has showed it to some of her girlfriends, that live in the senior housing complex, and they now want one. Don’t expect a clear picture as it’s not designed to be your main television. The picture is pretty good and my grandma, who has macular degeneration, has no issues watching anything on it. It’s great to use while you are in another part of the house and don’t want to miss a moment of your favorite news or television program.

My husband loves it watches tv in the kitchen when he is cooking, the only thing is you have to charge every day, he uses it for an hour or hour an half then he has to charge again and the receiver box needs to be turn off when chargeing.

I couldn’t be any more happier buying this product for me and my family. The best part about this is the “wireless transmitter box”. I hooked up the transmitter box to my tv cable box with no sweat as it was instructed on the manual. From then on, i bring this little 7″ tablet anywhere in my house (up to 100 feet) and now follow whatever i am watching on my big screen stationary tv. I now can watch my espn when i do my regular outdoor chores and my mom will never miss her regular night tv shows while doing the dishes. The dvd/bluray mode is sensational. I have my bluray playing on my regular tv while the tv was “not on av mode” and then i press the av1 button on this tablet and magically i can see the bluray wirelessly. Resolution on this machine is surprisingly nice. Even though i did not expect hd quality, it has a very fine crystal resolution for its size and price. You can hook your earphones up to this as well.

I was surprised at the quality of the item for the price. It works well and the sound is of good quality. I get good reception anywhere in the house and out on the patio. Good for long interludes in the bathroom. The only draw back, of course, is that you must go to your source tuner to change the channels. I am using a dvd-vhs-tuner for my source. It is placed in the computer room.

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Azend Group Envizen Home Roam TV - Portable, Personal 7 Inch LCD Receiver for all Cable /TV Channels HR701, Black
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