Beemax Fly mouse 2 : Satisfied customer.

Great remote with many features. This is a great remote, work perfectly and has all the features i needed. Works with usb which means no need to point the remote. Also the keyboard feature is great. Also has learning capability.

This is a very good remote if you have a media center device such as an android box. I bought this for my android box and it works perfectly. I was able to program the buttons to control my tv as well. So far i have had no issues with it. For the price, i would recommend this mouse and keyboard combo.

Cool remote for my nvidia shield. Bought this remote to use with my nvidia shield and so far it seems to fit the bill. What i didn’t expect was the “air mouse” capability but it seems that is going to work ok too.

I’ve seen lots of bad air mouses that will cause the cursor to jump around on the screen and give the user very little control, rendering the mouse useless. I have great control and it senses my speed wonderfully accurately. Overall, this price is really good value.

  • LOVE This Remote/Keyboard/Air-Mouse
  • remote control with keyboard built in
  • Pleasantly Surprised

Beemax Fly mouse 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Infrared Remote Learning 3 Gyro 3Gsensor Air Remote Control for Android, Windows, Lilux etc

This is my favorite remote i love it.

Other than that it works great and i don’t have an issue with it. I gave it a 4 out of 5 only because i have to use the remote that came with my box to turn it on and then i can use this remote. Other than that it works great and i don’t have an issue with it.

I needed a wireless remote with keyboard for my smart tv. This remote fits nicely in your hand. The buttons are the right size for normal size fingers. I sometimes was worried the nails would bump the wrong buttons but so far i have had no problems. Each button is paded and raised to be easily used.

Easy to set up and control without reading the instructions. Had a little difficulty moving slowly around the screen but you can adjust the speed with no issues. Works at a good distance and great for android boxes. Overall if you want a keyboard that looks like a remote and acts like a remote this is perfect. Price is good for a keyboard like this and a lot better plastic then most. Only have one issue when it comes to typing while it works perfect it is a little difficult to see the symbols and #’a blue on black just doest work that well so seeing on a darkly lot room is really hard. Only gripe over a pretty perfect air mouse.

Love this remote/keyboard/air-mouse.  this is a very useful remote/keyboard/air mouse for multiple reasons. Here is my experience and findings with this device:- multi-platform use:it works with multi platforms such as [the one i have tested it on] windows, android, tv box (android operated), samsung smart tv. There might be some keys that do different thing in different platform but the keyboard and the air mouse worked in all of the above platforms. – ir replicator/learning:one of the best selling point of this device is that it can actually use infrared and replace your ir remote. Why is this important other than replacing an old remote?. Because in many new tv boxes power by android the original remote that comes with them is only ir compatible so when you connect a regular 2. 4ghz keyboard/mouse/remote (via usb) to your device without the ir compatibility (mostly) they can’t turn on the device as they can turn off the devices with the the power button because the device has to be on for the 2. 4ghz usb keyboard/mouse/remote to be recognized first then to send the command for power on. This is not an issue when turning off as the device at the moment is on and fully recognized the usb.

Useful air mouse, works perfecto . I’ll start by explaining what does air mouse means – the remote as sensors that help you point to a location on screen, imagine it plugged to usb port of you television, the mouse cursor moves and points in the direction you point the remote. It’s very helpful in controlling your tv or laptop remotely. It runs on infrared and somatosensory (in other words responds to change in position, making it air mouse) control. There is a qwerty key pad on the back panel which makes the task of searching web/internet on your smart tv or laptop very easy. I mentioned laptop as you can plug this to your laptop and control it remotely, works well for a person like me who doesn’t want to leave the bed while controlling tv(non-smart) hooked up to laptop(spare one) that makes it smart. Connecting it for the first time was super easy, basically you don’t have to do anything, just plug and play. Runs of 2 aaa batteries(not included)i liked this and would recommend, especially to those who want to make their non-smart tv a smart one using media stick that doesn’t come with remote or using laptop.

Excellent and practical wireless and ir remote control. Small, compact, full qwerty keyboard works like a big onethe keyboard works really well, though i have to say that i really wish i could just type as fast as i do on a real keyboard. The mouse is really responsive and accurate.

Great functionality & comfortable in the hand. . The mic for voice input could be better, but the remote itself is a solid buy.

This wireless remote with a wireless keyboard is the coolest thing everwe are so happy to now have a remote that controls our tv, our sound bar and our android box. The functionality on the android box is almost perfect out of the gate and with the bluetooth dongle, which stops us from needing line of sight, we couldn’t be happier.

Wireless mouse feature is not very. Wireless mouse feature is not very accurate.

5 stars works great recommend to all.

It works great on my android tv box. It works great on my android tv box. Now i used this remote instead of the one that came with it. This remote has voice search and keyboard, which makes it easier to used with android tv box.

Textual content is wonderful, pointer is not so terrific, and controls are wonderful.

This is my second overview of this product. My primary order was defective but i was contacted by the seller and i was immediately despatched a substitution. This device operates as was expected so i’m extremely joyful with my order now. I should say i was pretty impressed with the amount of provider i received.

Soon after utilizing one particular for about a week, i bought two much more for the other tv’s in the household. They function independently so you might be not switching anything at all on a tv in a distinctive area. I have them on two amazon fire containers and an idroidnation box, they do the job wonderful.

Ideal remote, adore the keyboard on the back.

Just gained this remote / keyboard and am continue to taking part in with the characteristics and solutions. It is a extremely nicely considered out merchandise. You get regular media remote, ir learning button, and a whole (foundation set + alt char established) keyboard at back. Tried using so significantly with laptop and media computer system and is effective on both equally. Will check out setting up with raspberry pi following.

Acquired two just one will work good with mi box and a person won’t continue to keep ability. Also voice enter does not work with mi box search.

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Beemax Fly mouse 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Infrared Remote Learning 3 Gyro 3Gsensor Air Remote Control for Android, Windows, Lilux etc
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