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Sturdy, dependable, well-priced. I bought this unit for a 2009 toshiba tv/dvd combo set that gets carried around the house a lot. I have been using the same unit on another little tv in my study for several years. I had to search for a reconditioned one for the second purchase, but it works every bit as well as the original, new one. It’s a study, dependable, well-priced product that allows me to access wifi in every room of the house. Great for tvs that can’t accommodate the newer sticks.

Great features like 1080hd surround sound easy installation price was right compared to other units that do the same thing.

  • D-Link Systems and Amazon to the Rescue!
  • Sturdy, dependable, well-priced
  • Mine is hardwired into our switch and the speed is very good.

Your going to want an hdmi cable but with that this is the best deal out their love the remote.

Have two of thes systems in mexico and they’re great. I bought this one for a ‘mature’ friend. I have two of thes systems in mexico and they’re great. I bought this one for a ‘mature’ friend in the us and taught them how to use it to watch netlfix. I’ve ordered two more for others.

Features of D-Link DSM-310 MovieNiteTM HD Internet Streaming Box – Get Theater Experience!

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  • HDMI Full 1080p HD resolution w/5.1 channel Audio
  • 480i on standard A/V connection with 2 channel stereo audio
  • Netflix, Pandora, and VUDU Ready
  • Access billions of videos from YouTube
  • Wireless N & Ethernet Connectivity

Works good and it has youtube. Works like a charm wirelessly. But has less programs than roku. I use it to stream workout videos on youtube rather than paying $160 on a workout dvd. Also it has a rca connection and a hdmi connection but does not come with a hdmi cable, but does have rca cable which is all i needed on a tube tv. Also when you want to stream off youtube the trick would be to go on your tablet or computer and save videos to watch later feature then go on the d-link, because it is a pain to enter it in manually. You have to also activate the d-link to your youtube account before you stream. Also wait to update it before you stream or you will get nicked off and have to re activate the youtube accout the first time fyi.

Device performs exactly as advertised; clear picture, great reception wifi rangeability, and very manageable control settings. And just to add the remote control unit is user-friendly as well. This device is ideal for a second streaming video unit.

Works great most of the time but once in awhile i. Works great most of the time but once in awhile i has to do the hidden deactivate menu.

Sometimes a little slow but overall works for the price.

Going to cut the cord on direct tv. I installed this little gem today on my bedroom 40′ sony hdtv that was not a ‘smart’ tv. After linking it to my home wifi network which was a little difficult at first due to a menu that wasn’t real clear and required my call to tech support, i got it up and running like a dream. Now i can get unlimited viewing of netflix movies and tv shows for the first month for free. Afterwards, i can continue for unlimited viewing for $7. Also, i get ‘vudu’, pandora and youtube all for free. This is the second tv i now have in my home connected to my wifi network and as far as i am concerned, i am about to cut the cord on direct tv as soon as i install a mofu hdtv antennae in my attic. Then direct tv can take their $107. 95 per month billing and their movies ‘starting at $4.

Now he and his wife canwatch netflix and they are very well pleased. Gave this as a gift to someone who had purchased an led flatscreen that did not support wifi. Now he and his wife can watch netflix and they are very well pleased.

Now my 2001 magnavox tv is a smart tv.

Remote doesn’t work well unless it’s straight ahead of the device. Also, i bought this new, but when it arrived, remotes back was scratched up, which leads me to believe it was used. Bottom line, this device has easy set up and does what it says it does. After the quick update, it has movienite app, vudu, netflix, pandora, youtube, and d-link.

I love this product i use it on my tv in my kitchen and it works just as good as my smart tv.

This thing is great, i bought it because i do not want to buy a new blue-ray player and i don’t want to connect my laptop each time i watch netflix. This is great and easy to set up, it even gets better wifi signal than my brand new laptop.

Not top of the line, but if you’re just looking for something that’ll run netflix on an older tv, this is perfect. Arrived in the time predicted, all the wires were there, and setup was a breeze.

This has been one of it kinds in movie streaming.

I absolutely love this product. It is such a great alternative to a roku and works just as well. It’s pretty cheap compared to other options which is great for me. I use this all the time and never have had any problems with it. This is a great product, a+. I would recommend this to anyone of any age looking for a product like this.

Granddaughter now has a ‘smart’ tv.

D-link systems and amazon to the rescue. I really enjoy my ‘smart tv’ for netflix and pandora music, but i had another ‘dumb tv’ in my bedroom needing an upgrade. So, after a lot of research, made easy by amazon, i decided to try the d-link dsm-310 movienite streaming video box to accomplish the upgrade. Years ago i wired my entire house for broadband internet (10/100) with a rj-45 jack right by that tv needing the upgrade. I plugged in the dsm-310, turned it all on, registered and configured the device–presto, an upgraded ‘smart tv’ as promised. I get excellent netflix streamed movies and pandora music reliably night and day without buffering pausesdlink and amazon to the rescue. The right product, the right price, the right description and accurate technical details needed to make a purchase decision, all delivered on time right to my doorstep. D-link and amazon both have earned my trust for future purchases.

Very basic but great little netflix box for the price.

It works great so far and it’s so easy to use. Not only the product was great but the locker at the 7eleven was so convenient.

Order was delivered on time. Came with everything needed. My mother in law was very happy.

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