DVRdaddy 4TB External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR34 : Great capacity, but a little noisy.

Given that this is double i am pleased and have not experienced any issues with the expander. I purchased prior to getting my new genie two wi-fi unit. Because this is double i am happy and have not had any complications with the expander.

This solution works effectively to broaden hard drive pretty simple to install would extremely propose it.

4TB DVRdaddy External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR34, HR44 and HR54 Genie DVR. +4,000 Hours Recording Capacity and!

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  • Increase Video Recording Capacity +4,000 standard hours of recording capacity.
  • Simple Plug and Play Installation – no tools required. No need to open up DVR unit.
  • When connected, this unit takes the place of your internal hard drive. If you want to play programs already stored on your internal hard drive, you must unplug the external drive and restart your DIRECTV receiver.
  • Great 1 Year Warranty by Manufacturer and 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you are not happy with your purchase just return within 30 days for a refund!
  • Easy Do it Yourself instructions are provided. *DVR unit not Included.

Acquired this for directv dvr which only has 1tb of storage. Immediately after a couple months, was usually obtaining to delete as rapid as i was recording. With the bigger hard drive, life is excellent.Was pretty simple to install, performs good.

Had a query and dvr daddy answered appropriate away. Now i can document as a great deal as i want and you should not have to get worried about area.

A ought to for directv subscribers. Easy to established up, less than five minutes. Very quiet, will not even know it is there. Wish i would have experienced this when i experienced my former receiver. I can now end deleting my wife’s recordings.

4TB DVRdaddy External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR34, HR44 and HR54 Genie DVR. +4,000 Hours Recording Capacity and! : This drive arrived in nice packaging and its construction inspires confidence in its quality. This drive arrived in nice packaging and its construction inspires confidence in its quality. It comes with a key that releases a lock on the front of the enclosure, allowing you to swap hdds if necessary. I’m not sure how this would affect the warranty though. Our dvr recognized the drive right away and it’s been working flawlessly over the past week that we’ve had it installed. The only drawbacks to this drive relate to pre-existing recordings and management. You will lose access to all of your existing recordings on your internal dvr drive (as others have already mentioned) and you will also lose all of your set recordings. While the instructions state that all recording management will be left intact, this wasn’t the case for us. We have been slowly re-adding our recordings as we remember them. It may take a while to get all 80+ reset.

Never have to regularly delete old courses to make area for more recent courses.

Wonderful to be capable to swap our dave and not. Just what the health care provider purchased. Awesome to be capable to change our dave and not shed programming.

Only thing is the dvr has to be unplugged not just turned off for the dvr to figure out the drive and structure it. But this is a excellent product.

This is a nice unit – up and jogging for 4 weeks now with no concerns. It comes as a comprehensive package, ready for installation. The housing is very good high quality and it includes a very good hard drive. But i would like to see a little much more protective packaging in case of tough dealing with by the shipper.

My directv receiver just doesnt have practically enough room. No far more deleting recorded demonstrates just to make room each and every 7 days to report new shows.

Had to return very first 1 second connected and operates ideal.

Basic and trusted way to broaden storage. . There are quite a few techniques to add drives to a directv receiver, but this seemed most very likely to be successful. Right after examining numerous boards on external drives with the new hr54 receiver, i was leary of spending funds to develop my very own and have it fall short. This confirmed results and only price tag a couple of dollars extra than undertaking it on my individual.

Works terrific, easy setup, tons more dvr recording room. Truly substantial good quality housing and hard drive.

I have been wanting for a thing just like this since i have used up my directv dvr. Particularly easy to plug and play. I have been on the lookout for a little something just like this since i have made use of up my directv dvr house. A small little bit inconvenient to have to disconnect to see recordings on my directv receiver. Would be good if the demonstrates could be copied more than from directv receiver to the drvdaddy.

Good capacity, but a minimal noisy. . The capacity of this disk is outstanding and installation was a breeze. The only problem is that is helps make a good deal of sounds, it seems to be trying to get all the time and the head is transferring on the disk. You need to have to place it in a far more audio proof spot.

The device is nicely manufactured and extremely good. Set up was a breeze, just stick to the directions.

This was a very nice and complete package. . This was a very nice and complete package. Everything you needed was included with this kit even the esata cable. It is a super easy set up and i had no issues with this drive. So far the drive is working perfect. The drive is quite and was much smaller in overall size than i thought looking at pictures. The drive does not appear to have any lag and is playing back video perfectly. The drive case does have a bright blue light on it but i just set the drive on the floor behind a dresser and its not an issue at night. If it is a small piece of black tape solves that problem if it would bother you. I highly recommend this drvdaddy drive.

I want i could transfer the stuff from my dvr to external hard drive.

Set up was a breeze, and i have four moments the house than my authentic drive. I can report all of my preferred systems, and never ever worry about acquiring enough recording house offered. I am very happy with this drive, and i might advocate it to anybody who wants more recording capacity.

Eventually, the area to report courses for the two the grandkids and us. This drive arrived swiftly, setup was fast and trouble-absolutely free. It has been likely for nine times now devoid of a hiccup.

After examining a number of article content on working with external drives with directv,, i was a very little anxious about applying one. Nonetheless, i lastly decided to consider it, and bought this device. It came complete with the ability plug, and esata cable in the box. Pursuing the instructions, i shut off the directv genie unit by pulling the plug, hooked this drive to the directv with the esata cable, run up the drive to start with, then the directv. It immediately identified the external drive, formatted it and went to perform. It truly is been performing flawlessly now for a few of weeks. I can detect no variations in reaction periods or general performance in the procedure. The only draw back is you will shed all recorded demonstrates and lists you at present have in the directv genie, but that is extremely hard to prevent. Just maintain that in mind if you come to a decision to use this drive.

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4TB DVRdaddy External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR34, HR44 and HR54 Genie DVR. +4,000 Hours Recording Capacity and!
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