DVRdaddy 8TB External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR34 : Exactly as advertised

The product works exactly as advertised. The product works exactly as advertised. The setup process was simple, and it only took a few minutes to configure. With an 8 tb external esata drive, i (practically speaking) now have nearly unlimited storage on my directv dvr. I also found the speed of loading seemed to improve dramatically. Perhaps this is because the 8tb drive will likely never be close to full unlike the 1 tb internal drive that was constantly sitting close to full and forcing deletes before i had a chance to watch shows.

It is really easy to hook up and i have as much on it as i had on the internal drive, yet it show only less than one percent usage. I love to watch movies and with this device i can store movies i love and watch them several times. If you are going to buy an external drive this is the one. 8tb what more could anyone ask for. You will not see any difference in picture quality from the original showing. Although no a sport fan i can see how this would be great for you.

Outstanding product with easy setup. The setup instructions were very specific. I was able to install this in less than 5 minutes. The dvr is faster than the genies original. After installing operation is seamless except for the huge amount of dvr space.

Love this hardrive, just plug and play to my directv hr54 and now i have massive storage space, couldn’t be easier to setup.

  • The product works exactly as advertised. The setup process
  • Super easy DVR upgrade!
  • Very easy set up

8TB DVRdaddy External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR34, HR44, and HR54 Genie DVR. +8,000 Hours Recording Capacity!

  • Increase Video Recording Capacity +8,000 standard hours of recording capacity.
  • Simple Plug and Play Installation – no tools required. No need to open up DVR unit.
  • When connected, this unit takes the place of your internal hard drive. If you want to play programs already stored on your internal hard drive, you must unplug the external drive and restart your DIRECTV receiver.
  • Great 1 Year Warranty by Manufacturer and 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Do it Yourself instructions are provided. *DVR unit not Included.

Couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase. After buying two fantom gforce drives with no success, i gave the drive a try. Couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase. Can’t wait for larger drives to be released.

Works well, and has an impressive amount of storage capacity. If you purchase one, give your genie 24-48 hours to interact with the expander until it fully configures the drive to behave as the hard drive in the genie did before.

An absolutely amazing product. After realizing that my new directv genie dvr was just too small, i found the dvrdaddy.Just make sure you watch everything on your original dvr first because you won’t be able to access it.

Everything you need is included with easy to follow instructions. I have about three dozen hd movies saved on it and it is still saying it has over 97% capacity left. Only downside is that directv won’t let you use both the internal hard drive and an external drive at the same time so you lose everything on the internal drive you have. That also mean you must let it rebuild the program guide and then go back and re add all of you programs you want to record.

Very easy to install and use.

Seamlessly integrated with the dvr system.

I have to admit i was skeptically optimistic to purchase the dvrdaddy external dvr hard drive expanders. I purchased 1 8tb for my genie and 2 2tb for my hr44’s. With programs already recorded it took some time to watch or find them on netflix, hulu and amazon. Setup was very easy “plug n play”. It will be around 2-weeks for one of the 2tb and around a week for the 8tb. I can’t believe it and here’s why. I purchased my genie and 6tb from weaknees for $1,199. I would come home and it would have some kind of error or it wouldn’t record shows correctly. After returning it for repair twice i gave up so when i saw dvrdaddy i thought i’d risk it again and i am ecstatic. No glitches, no errors; recording what it is scheduled to record; recordings are perfect and not running out of room because you want to record a new series or movies. I got 8tb for a lot less than 6 and its working. I’ll keep you posted but as i said i’m skeptically optimistic hoping for the best.

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8TB DVRdaddy External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR34, HR44, and HR54 Genie DVR. +8,000 Hours Recording Capacity!
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