Hasbro VideoNow Color Personal Video Player – Sapphire : What’s good and bad

It has ggod graphics and exellent color. You can talke it with u anywhere you go.

I was very delighted when i bought it. It was so much enjoyable to look at even though on our trip to my cousins. I got three various discs and i hope to get a lot more also the videnow is really cool and enjoyment.

It is effective good and does not charge a large amount of dollars. It is wonderful for a extended car or truck journey. I had the videonow in black and white, but when the color a single arrived out i offered my outdated one particular and got the color one particular. Correct now i have 44 discs, the case, the pvd case, the headphones and the deluxe have scenario. Videonow also helps make comprehensive legnth videos like agent cody banks and charlie brown. If that is not cool, notify me what is.

I am nonetheless conserving for onw but my brother has just one and they are so awesome.

I have a videonow player and i luv it.

VideoNow Color Personal Video Player – Sapphire : I bought one for my 5 and 3 year old for christmas. My husband was unsure, but i bought it anyway. It turns out my 3 yr old loves it. He’s very active, but he’ll sit quietly and watch a video. We haven’t had any problems. The screen will go blank while sound plays but that means the batteries need replacing – something we have had to do several times because my son loves to watch it. I did buy a car adaptor, so he can watch longer on trips. The selection of pvd’s are good. I love that there is jeff corwin and shark week. I hope they come out with more educational ones likes these.

I acquired this for christmas, and it is fantastic. It normally takes only about twenty seconds two load, and the image is awsome.

I have the video now color player and black and white player. The color player has a more substantial display and much better photo. I have fourteen video now color disks and twelve video now black and white disks. The black and white disks however do the job on the color player but the color disks do not perform on the black and white player. I just obtained this and i have applied it a good deal given that. My favored disk is the agent cody banks motion picture. It exhibits the complete film, but it is on 4 disks.

The video now player is a wonderful gift for a young boy or lady. If the pvd titles grew to become offered for an more mature age team, then of class it would be fantastic for more mature young children, and parents, much too. It operates really properly, is uncomplicated to use, and plays just like it is meant to. The pvd’s are a very good measurement and occur in quite a few distinct kid’s shows. Terrible point is that there are normally two episodes of a present on a disc. Potentially in the foreseeable future, hasbro can squeeze a lot more onto just one disc. I would advocate this merchandise, nonetheless check out to get 1 on sale if you can. The pvd’s can grow to be costly, and any funds saved is a great thing.

This xmas i am receiving a child blue video now. The dics i want to get are anxiety aspect,hilary duff, raven, and substantially morei desire it was previously xmas.

I procured the videonow color bundle, which integrated 3 pvds, for my 4. I also purchased the videonow color jr for two. My spouse considered it would be their the very least most loved toy and a waste of funds, but has due to the fact altered his mind. Each my young children enjoy their videonows and just take them just about everywhere. Grocery searching is now a quite, pleasurable working experience, as very well as errand managing and lengthier car or truck journeys. I am also extremely impressed with the seem and picture good quality and the durability (my son has dropped his several situations with no ill-outcome). Even better is that the videonow jr and videonow pvds are interchangeable. My daughter can observe the dora videonow jr pvds on her videonow and my son can look at spongebob on his videonow jr.

I acquired videonow (the frequent just one) and it was not very superior so i received this then. The monitor is big and is in color. My sister often drops it but it isn’t going to dent, and it operates good continue to. I am going to even now preserve it absent from her though. Folks hold expressing its way as well expensive but its inexpensive.

My five calendar year old acquired this toy and enjoys it. He thinks it is great to be capable to view his personal motion pictures. I just desire they had a lot more little one pleasant pvd’s. Alot of the pvd’s are from the nick. Channel and we do not look at individuals mainly because i do not like some of the attitudes protrayed in those people demonstrates. We are able to use the pvd’s for videonowjr in this equipment and that is amazing considering that those demonstrates i do allow for him to view.

This is the best video player everyou would be insane not to invest in it for the lower price.

I shopped kohl’s sale on this merchandise and radio shack and fry’s electronics and amazon’s sale cost was the cheapest even with delivery and dealing with. My daughter enjoys this toy and shares it with her sisters when we acquire prolonged highway journeys.

My son obtained a person two a long time back and only now is it possessing any challenges. He’s six now and has been genuinely rough on the discs, but they have held up properly by hundreds of viewings. The player itself is much extra tough than my highly-priced dvd player on my a/v system. But alas, right now, the photograph turns on and then goes blank after about thirty seconds. Not bad for a youngsters video player.

My 6 calendar year outdated daughter been given this for xmas and she has beloved this gift. She watches it in the vehicle or even though we are on errunds, dr. She is completely entertained by video now. I even took her to a single of my office environment conferences and she sat quietly the entire time listening to it with her headphones. It will it will be great for our numerous camping outings this summer months as effectively. Ours functions beautifully and the batteries previous a very long time. We use the rechargable batteries.

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