HomeSeer Z-NET Remote Z-Wave Plus Interface : Like others who replaced an Aeon Zstick with this unit

Somewhat upgrade over typical usb z-wave stick solutions. . Like a few others here i purchased this to replace my aeotec z-wave stick for a couple of reasons, 1 being the upgraded z-wave+ protocol and 2 to improve signal response and overall reliability (more so to eliminate the stick being source of issues). The unit is easy to install and works well for the most part. I cannot say that it provides faster responses or better signal that the former stick to be honest, but i don’t have complaint with the performance when it is working. I do find that often after a re-boot of my hs3 system, i will then need to power cycle this device in order for it to be accessible and functional again. This is something that i never had to do with my aeotec stick. I have also experienced a number of times that it just locks up without any obvious reason to cause it do so (had not rebooted or changed settings etc). For the money i should not be experiencing a higher level of malfunction than the $110 cheaper solution i had previously employed. On a positive the network wide include function is great and works flawlessly. Overall this is a somewhat upgrade over the aforementioned usb stick solution.

Good buy, great product, excellent instructions. Purchased this to replace an aeotec by aeon labs zw090 z stick, small, white to go with a custom controller running homeseer software. Came with great, detailed instructions on how to migrate the entire z-wave network over. So far i have seen improved connectivity and no lag time with commands like i was seeing with the z stick. Price seems a little steep (-1 star for price), but i think overall a good purchase.

The best performing z-wave interface i’ve used to date. This is, hands down, the best performing z-wave interface i’ve used to date. I initially had a aeotec z-stick that worked well enough but required a z-wave repeater slave to reliably communicate with devices in the basement level. After about 3 years, that device failed from i believe to be a failure of the internal battery. I then tried the homeseer smartstick+ which has similar range and connectivity performance to the z-stick and also added support for the new z-wave plus features. However, that device failed in less than a week. I returned it and purchased this z-net unit which is more than $100 more expensive that the sub-$40 smartstick+. With this unit, i restored a back-up of my previous interface and this interface could communicate with all my devices without doing any optimizations or adding of routing information. In other words, all devices were in direct range of the interface. Amazing upgrade in performance.

This makes z-wave implementation dramatically easier than anything i’ve tried before. The ability to just plug it into the lan makes it easy to place it in the most effective area of a home or even at another location. Sure with it had power-over-ethernet (poe), though, to make it even more flexible.

  • Great but make sure you have one per building
  • Somewhat upgrade over typical USB Z-wave stick solutions.
  • Good Buy, Great Product, Excellent Instructions

HomeSeer Z-NET Remote Z-Wave Plus Interface

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  • Remote IP-Enabled Z-Wave Plus Interface for use with HomeSeer and other systems
  • Supports Z-Wave Plus and Older Products
  • Supports Network Wide Inclusion (NWI)
  • Use muliple Z-NETs for larger homes, secondary homes or outbuildings
  • Cert ID: ZC10-15020004

Like others who replaced an aeon zstick with this unit. Like others who replaced an aeon zstick with this unit i can say that it is a much better product. But dang, it ought to be considering the price difference.

Great but make sure you have one per building. They make it super easy to deploy a zwave home automation\security network. One thing i’ve discovered though is that they do a great job within a house making it’s own mess network but the second you have to go to an out building that is over 50 feet away it just can’t penetrate the walls enough to make a reliable connection. Don’t get me wrong it’s possible to make it work but i guarantee issues down the roadso i highly suggest at least one of these per building if you are looking for a rock solid network that always works. I’ve tested this on 5 different locations and always come to the same conclusion. So i suggest you buy some direct bury cat5 cable and run a wire yourself to the outbuilding, it’s super easy and works well and only needs to be a few inches deep.

Just a raspberry pi inside,. Homeseer should be able to sell this device for half the price. It’s literally a raspberry pi with a zwave card added on. There are open source solutions that are a third the cost. Homeseer is going to get destroyed by apple and google if they don’t learn to compete before its too late. That being said, the device functions exactly as advertised.

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