Humax T800 80-hour Digital Video Recorder : humax tivo works great

Evidently, tivo got humax (a korean company) started in introducing their tivo by manufacturing them first on the same assembly line. These are marked “made in mexico. “on a receint visit to circuit city, i saw four boxed examples of this tivo on the shelf. Two were marked “made in mexico” and two were marked, “made in china. ” all of the displays were marked “made in mexico. “the one that i received directly from tivo is marked “made in mexico. ” it appears to be of the same exact quality as the tivo branded machine that i have owned for over one year. Except for the face plate, color of the case and a the color of the screen backgrounds and the inclusion of humax on a few of the displays, it is nearly identical to the tivo branded unit. I don’t know if the ones marked “made in china” are of the same quality or if they will continue making them on the regular tivo plant in mexico. But, be aware that there are two versions with different upc codes.

I have two of these units, bought about a year apart, set up on completely different televisions and systems. Both of them appear to create vertical lines on the screen, especially evident in red backgrounds. My old sony tivo never did this, and the lines aren’t there at all with anything else i show on the tvs – cable or satellite direct, or dvds with a different player (i never use the humax dvd except to burn discs). Kinda pissed about it because one of the humax boxes has my lifetime subscription.

This humax tivo has all the same functionality as a regular tivo (as far as i know). I installed a wireless usb adapter so that i could hook it up to my network and it worked without a problem. I did need a phone line to set it up initially, but this isn’t usually a problem for most people. There is no noise coming from the machine and it isn’t cheap at all. It appears very solid and i am really glad i bought it.

Did not realize this unit did not have a dvd burner.

  • would like input from other owners
  • humax tivo works great
  • There are two versions of this TiVo

Humax T800 80-hour Digital Video Recorder with TiVo

  • 80-hour digital video recorder with TiVo service so you can pause, rewind, and replay live television
  • Season Pass ensures every show in a season gets recorded; Wish List searching finds all programs featuring a favorite actor, director, etc.
  • 14-day electronic program guide; smart recording detects and adjusts for lineup or scheduling changes
  • Networkable for digital music and photo viewing from your PC; 2 USB ports provide future expandability
  • Measures 15 x 3.8 x 12 inches (W x H x D)

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Humax T800 80-hour Digital Video Recorder with TiVo
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