LG ANVC200 Skype Camera : AN-VC300 Webcam for

Okay, i will admit it, based on the only other review i was a little bit worried about the purchase of this camera, but since it was designed for my lg led tv, i decided to give it a try. Here is my review:out of the box – packaging was excellent and everything that was promised was in the box and well protected. Since we are a military family and have experienced a lot of moves, i decided to put the box in the attic for a future move. Set-up – i mounted this on a led tv that is very thin. The tv itself is a 55″ lg mounted on the wall 4′ above floor level. That put the camera at about 7′ or so. The magnetic clamp worked flawlessly and with a little adjust of the mounting bracket, i was able to get it to aim down at the correct angle to hit the family of four in view while sitting on the couch or standing in front of the couch (important to allow the kids to show off for the grandparents). The cable plugged into one of the two usb ports on the side with the lg n dongle in the other usb port. Note – i know that other reviews have complained about the mounting hardware. I had no issues getting it aimed where i wanted to aim it.

My quick impressions — more details to follow with an edit, when i’ve had more experience with it. I’ve only had time to set it up, install the firmware, verify the software works, and perform a test call with the skype test call feature. Installation is quick and easy. The unit has a magnetic clamp-style bracket that allows you to secure it on top of the television. It occupies one of the usb ports. Unfortunately, once it’s clamped, the camera can only be aimed in a single direction: up. This is a fundamental flaw of the mounting hardware. I have a 47le8500, setup on a stand such that the middle of the screen is at my eye level from a seated position about 6-7ft from the screen. With the camera mounted on top of the hdtv, i can barely see the top of my head. There is no zoom capability.

This item was purchased for use with a 55″ lg led hdtv with built in skype capability. My wife is from latvia and uses skype to call family and friends regularly. The best feature with this set up is the ability to zoom in and out. With the tv mounted above the corner fireplace, in normal 1x view they can see us in the front room, dining room and kitchen (open floor plan), but for closeups it can be zoomed in 2x, 3x, and 4x. 4x mode is a close up even with the sofa mounted 13 feet away from the tv. With four microphones, no matter taking english, latvian or german, family memebers have no difficulty hearing the conversation.

Very easy to install and useful.

  • A Great Way to Communicate for Free
  • Functional, but clamp/stand design is too limiting.
  • Worked perfectly

LG ANVC200 Skype Camera for LG HDTV- Black

  • 4 Built-in Microphones
  • USB 2.0 (to connet to TV)
  • 1.0 Megapixels
  • Compatible LG LED LCD Models: LX9500, LE8500, LE7500, LX6500, LE5500, LE5400, LE5350

I purchased an-vc300 from ebuynow on 12/18/11. Installation was supper easy. One big problem i noticed is that according to spec video resolution should be hd (1280×720) in fact it is not. Maybe 375 lines or less per frame. I compared quality of video from an-vc300 and from microsoft hd webcam (purchased for $50 few years ago). Comparison was done on lg tv model lw6500, where i had two equal size frames on tv screen next to each other. Low resolution from an-vc300 was obvious. I called lg customer support for help and they recommended to send back for replacement. Now i am working with ebuynow to get replacement and ask them to test webcam before they ship otherwise i would like to get refund.

This is a discontinued model but was the one i needed for my lg model tv. Brand new in box and was recognized right away and worked perfectly when used to skype with my grandson.

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LG ANVC200 Skype Camera for LG HDTV- Black
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