Measy Latest Miracast Dongle A2W Chromecast : Good for what it’s worth a ROI of about 20$ :)

But hangs sometimes and requires restart every few hours if there is continuous usage.

Downloaded the app, set it to permanently be in mirror mode, never used the app again. Simply turned it on, turn on wireless display on my phone, it it connected with no issues (not even a password). Frame rate is excellent so long as you have line-of-sight and are within 15 feet of the device (tested in living room, resolution on the measy dongle set to [email protected]). I couldn’t get 1080p working with it, but that might be a limitation on my phone, not the dongle. Audio is also streamed across with the video and stays in-sync with the video. There is a lag in between the phone and the tv, i measured to roughly 200ms lag using my camcorder to record both the phone and the tv screen with the timer readout on the phone & tv level with each other to minimize the rolling shutter in my camcorder (it’s a cheap model). A 10 minute session showed no changed in the lag, but i didn’t vary the load on the phone much, which may affect the lag, i just haven’t cared to test.

It took a couple of times to load the program on my laptop and get the whole thing going but when i got it right it was easy. The systems works and does everything i wanted.

  • Miracast as well as Other streaming options
  • Works like a charm!
  • Works, but seems to interfere with my Sony wifi

Measy Latest Miracast Dongle A2W Chromecast + Miracast + DLNA + Air Play

  • A2W could cast all your photos, music, movie and 3D MSG from your smart phone onto HDTV.
  • Compatible with miracast function of every brand mobile phone and pad.
  • Supported Operation System: Android OS / IOS OS / MAC OS / WINDOWS XP, /7/8/8.1
  • Plug in and play

The app to use it is not real user friendly. The app to use it is not real user friendly but the device seems to work fairly well. I have had to unplug it and plug it back in a few times from freezing up.

Miracast as well as other streaming options. I bought this thing on a whim, and while i haven’t been blown away with the functionality, it’s certainly held up. First-off, setup can be a little confusing if they supplied instructions and you try to follow them. If it came to you with instructions, throw them away. Plug it into an hdmi port, power it via the usb plug, then turn on your tv and tune to the source you plugged the dongle into. It will show you the ssid and password for the device. Leave this up, but do nothing with it for now. First download and install the ezcast software from [. ](note, depending on how you get there, you may have to tell it you speak english), and start the application, the ezcast app will ask you for the ssid, then password (make sure to use the password showing on your tv, it will accept ‘password’ but is then useless). Then go into settings to tell the dongle how to connect to your home network.

Wrk good lot of review abt hard to set. Lot of review abt hard to set up. I jst went on youtube and set it up and was easy.

Best $23 purchase i’ve made. Best $23 purchase i’ve made. Directions are not as clear as it seemed, but i was able to google better instructions that made sense. Once you have it set up, mirror mode drops off intermittently, but is easy to fix. Still overall happy customer.

Great like it alot completely satisfied.

Works, but seems to interfere with my sony wifi. Works, but seems to interfere with my sony wifi connected blu-ray player, cannot have both plugged in at the same time.

Works very good and as expected.

Unable to use the ez mirror function on an insignia tv. Disappointed, i was really looking forward to using this gadget.

I originally left a bad review for this product after first installing ezcast and connecting to wifi. The manual is tiny and hard for a middle aged man to read and the video tutorials take some patients. But once i got through figuring it out i find it a very nice product. I connected the wifi and by clicking mirror on i was able to accomplish what i purchased the product for.

Good for what it’s worth a roi of about 20$ :). Does get heated after some time, but havn’t used extended period continuously. If connected to tv’s usb port for power, it does power off when the tv goes into sleep mode.

Did exactly what i wanted it to do: connects. Did exactly what i wanted it to do: connects to my clarion head unit to mirror my phone over the built in wi-fi.

Only think is needs to do the sinc whenever i turn off projector. Maybe that’s just my projector.

This unit is very good when employed for world wide web searching or e-mail examining but. This gadget is good when utilized for world-wide-web searching or electronic mail examining but lags to a great deal to stream netflix or youtube by means of tablet to television wirelessly.

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Measy Latest Miracast Dongle A2W Chromecast + Miracast + DLNA + Air Play
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