MINIX NEO U9-H : Decent hardware specs and performance for the price compared to other Android boxes and there’s good community support

Love my minix & good support. I got the minix without the a3 remote, a mistake done by amazon. Minix were professional enough to immediately dispatch a remote from their hong kong base via dhl that arrived to my home in israel after 3 days. 🙂 i am very happy with both the products themselves, they are beaming good quality and work flawlessly, and by the professional costumer support both at minix and amazon, who when realising their mistake reimbursed me part of the payment for the trouble they caused. Recommend minix highlyminix neo u9-h, 64-bit octa-core media hub for android [2gb/16gb/4k/hdr]. Sold directly by minix technology limited.

Hd not supported by amazon video. Technically, this is a superior tv box. It’s fast, has a lot of storage memory and an 8-core cpu. It’s “hotter” than the roku ultra box in that both have an arm cortex a53 cpu but the roku uses a 4-core version and the minix uses an 8-core cpu. This device also shows up as “amazon’s choice” when you search for tv boxes, so in all respects, this is a very capable 4k/hd video streamer. Amazon video will not stream anything but lowly sd to this box, no hd, and certainly not 4k. What exactly is that all about?. It does not appear on the “compatible devices list, so amazon will not offer a movie at hd resolution. I don’t get any problems using any other online streaming service with this box, just amazon comes up deficient.

Can’t say enough good things about this little powerhouse. . I researched for weeks on which android tv box to buy and i decided to go with the minix u9h with a3 remote. The minix is a mini powerhouse. It breezed through all the apps and games i’ve thrown at it so far. The processor is lightning fast and responsive. Video streaming even in 1080 or 4k never buffers. This minix box makes my last “tv stick” look like a potatoe. The a3 remote is a must have with it’s air mouse and keyboard on the back. You truly can’t enjoy what this box can do without the a3 remote.

Replaces my firestick (but i have that as a backup). Air mouse takes some getting used to. After several calibrations it’s not flying all over the screen. Hold down the microphone button for 3-4 seconds to make it stop. Was driving me nuts and wasting battery (they should fix this in an update). It’s like having an android phone on your tv. Easy to do a factory reset if problems occur. Strong antenna picks up wifi signal very well.

  • Very nice addition to the Minix family
  • The new Amlogic S912H king in town
  • Welcome to the world of Android

MINIX NEO U9-H + MINIX NEO A3, 64-bit Octa-Core Media Hub for Android [2GB/16GB/4K/HDR/XBMC] and Six-Axis Gyroscope Remote with Voice Input. Sold Directly by MINIX Technology Limited.

  • The Ultimate Home Theater Experience – Supports Wide Variety of Formats.
  • Picture Perfect – 4K Ultra High Definition & High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support.
  • Rich Cinematic Surround Sound – Dolby Digital Audio.
  • Dual DRM Support – Play Ready 3.0 + Google Widevine Level 1.
  • Gyroscopic Mouse with QWERTY Keyboard, Dedicated Multi-Media Playback Controls & Voice Input.

After trying a few weeks with a smaller streaming device i decided i needed something with more speed and functionality. This minix u9-h was the box i chose after tons of research. Lived up to it’s name and performance promises. Love this android box and recommend it to anyone looking for a top performer.

I had purchased 3 similar android tv boxes previously ad had to return all 3. Problems ranging from hardware simply not working, to garbled or poorly formatted text during set up. I took a chance on this guy, because of favorable reviews. Well, it works as advertised. It did take me a little time to learn how to use the remote as a pointing device, but otherwise i would not have had to refer to the manual. My objective is to add tv apps from the play store to watch non cable tv, with an eye towards cutting the cable in the future. This device will allow me to do that.

Excellent product, easy to install and navigate. Excellent product, easy to install and navigate. Will definitely purchase another box from minix. My only suggestion if possible to hard wire the setup, otherwise unless you have a 50mbps speed on your internet, expect some buffering.

Okay still trying too confige it not that easy for me.

A very good replacement to my wd media player, way too better.

Coming off of an arnu mach 10 i have to say this box blows it away. All around better, faster and the a3 controller is amazing. Overall i like everything about the box the only issue i have is the amount of customization on the main screen. I haven’t really messed with it much but it looks like it either will be hard to set up or you cannot. Hopefully the more i dig into the more o can remove specific things off of minix metro.

5 estrellas si estuviera disponible netflix en hd 1080p.

Very nice addition to the minix family. I am a regular user of minix. I know that they deliver the best tv boxes in the market right now. I own a minix x8-h plus and a windows 10 minix z83-4. Now i got this u9-h because i wanted to replace the x8-h plus. I received the box 1 week ago and i have been using it heavily with complete satisfaction. I use kodi and multiple apk’s on this device and everything is running smoothly. I have a 4k tv and i compared this device to the other 2 minix devices. This device is the best one i have ever seen especially in running 4k content.

Best minix box to date and best android box period. I cannot say enough about what a fan i am of minix products. This box has everything that earlier models have packed and i own every single model. I absolutely love how fast it is and how flawlessly it streams hd and 4k video. Hands down the best box out there.

I am in and ready to cancel my satilite service. . So here we are day one of owning this product. So after many days and hours of researching android tv boxes. After keeping budget in mind i choose the minix neo u9-h as my final choice. I find the system easy to use even for a guy that has been spoiled with many years of apple products. In short time i was adding apps and shortly after that watch movies and tv. Am not explain enough how impressed i am with this system. One of the reasons i choice the neo u9-h was the faster wifi and it has been working very fast with near to no buffering. I will be passing praise for this product for sometime.

Very good as a generic android box. I’ve been using a u9-h here for about a month now and my views on it are mixed. Overall i think it’s a great device and works a treat with their a3 remote (though for me the a2 lite i is better as it does away with the microphone and settings buttons in favour of mute and enter). I also have a fire tv2 but i’m overseas at the moment and the fire tv is useless to me since amazon haven’t updated it’s firmware to support the prime video international service they provide. Hence me needing yet another box – thanks amazon – you won’t catch me a second timemy findings with the u9-h so far:positives* good build quality* fast operating and works great with an air mouse remote like the a3 / a2 / a2 lite (you really need one of these)* stable with kodi 17. 1* uses the google play store and access to regular apps (not the more limited android tv or amazon offerings)* remote control on / off buttons* remote can control volume (and on the a2 lite even has mute and enter buttons vs settings (not much use) and microphone (even less use) buttons on the a3. * ota updates for firmware fixes* amlogic s912 octa core processor* 16gb memory* 2gb ram* runs android 6. 1 (adoptable storage)* suggested it will get android 7. 1* 4k support* dts support* good future proofing (but see below re android updates and the xe8)* cool / silent running* 802.

I love these boxes and i would continue to keep buying them. I have three in the house at the moment.

Load kodi on this point and you’ll never fork out for tv set once more. Kodi’s already on ithaving the keyboard on the back again of the remote is so practical. You can use the cursor like a laser pointer, and it even has voice input. The unit is fantastic, the remote is ingenious.

Purchase this,you wont regret it. . This thing is insanely amazing. I can not get it to stutter(and i experimented with to),no cache delays. Does flicks and television reveals without a hiccup,quite clean video clip with great audio. I did a firmware enhance,its uncomplicated and foolproof. Went to google retail store and upgraded kodi to 17. For a tv set/film/video clip looking at expertise this is flawless,secure as a rock. Evening and day superior than a firestick,lolthe remote with air mouse and a keyboard on the back,man alive what a wonderful remote. eight main cpu,8 core gpu,and its also incredibly quickly when navigating,mine loads in twenty five seconds from off. Kodi loads in about ten seconds.

Fantastic movie and audio playback, kodi incorporated. In other words it is all excellent. Surely the ideal android box i have at any time utilised.

Greatest seem in an android box. If you might be seeking for a effectively-polished and simple to use android box with options like android marshmallow, 4k video clip guidance ,and digital dolby dts move- by way of. You have uncovered the appropriate box (minix u9-h). If digital dolby dts move-by and the most latest android help is not a priority then preserve your revenue and purchase the minix neo u1 you will get the similar functionality (certainly even thow the stats look far better on u9h) for a lot less dollars, the exact same simplicity of use and assistance from minix, but do on your own a favor and you should not skimp on the remote. The a 3 remote is nice if you use communicate to text or google voice and so forth. If that is not a priority for you then get the a2 remote and save a little funds there but expend the more on a good remote you will thank yourself later. Other comparable mygia 1900 top, and professional box + well worth a glance. In the finish i made the decision on minix for there ease-of-use and guidance.

Absolutely worthy of the funds. . I purchased this to switch my firetv, since the firetv saved losing link to my 5g community. Experienced this set up considering that saturday and have had no main difficulties. I built nova launcher my key desktop launcher so set up was simple. I was even in a position to restore kodi from a firetv backup. Only two troubles with the box. I would like to see extra fluidity applying ps vue. This is definitely not a minix challenge, but a lot more an problem with inventory android.

Thank you minix i love it genuinely very superior quality the delicate ware is. Thank you minix i love it seriously quite great top quality the tender ware is work smoothly and coloration is superb.

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MINIX NEO U9-H + MINIX NEO A3, 64-bit Octa-Core Media Hub for Android [2GB/16GB/4K/HDR/XBMC] and Six-Axis Gyroscope Remote with Voice Input. Sold Directly by MINIX Technology Limited.
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