Philips MAT976A1 WebTV Plus/MSN TV Receiver : Great Purchasing Experience

We need to get msn to turn webtv/msntv2 on again. . Lets start a petition to have msn turn webtv/msntv2 back on.

Pruchased webtv unit as a back-up. Buying thru don (webtv guy) and marti is a good purchasing expeience. Prompt delivery and good feed back. Genuine concern that i was satisfied with my purchase. Will surely make future purchase thru this seller.

This is easy to use and gets you around the web in a timely manner. It is ready to use out of the box, just hook it up and activate.

This unit replaced my dad’s old one which was hit by lightning. We searched amazon for a new unit and found this one. The price was within my dad’s budget. The unit arrived one day before the earliest date displayed for delivery. It came with all the items listed in the description.

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  • Great Purchasing Experience
  • Emails made easy

Philips MAT976A1 WebTV Plus/MSN TV Receiver

  • One button Internet access, no PC required: surf the Web with the included remote control–all you need is a TV and a phone line
  • Built-in TV tuner lets you watch TV and simultaneously link to related Web sites
  • Up to six individual e-mail boxes, parental controls, and a message-waiting light that alerts you to new mail
  • High-performance hardware, 56K modem, and full-motion Internet video
  • Philips WebEye infrared remote receiver lets you place the main unit out of sight

I have a webtv plus for sale,the best printer for it was the lexmark. I have all the assesariesthat i bought for it. It put me in the know and i enjoyed my online emails. But unfortunately like everyone else i bought a computer. Nothing like the webtv at all, it donthave the view that webtv has,meaning you can sit or lay on your bed or chill in your easy chairand control it from your tv. I’m gonna miss my favorite toy. But i just can’t pay two accts. If you are thinking about owning this wonderful internet connection,which is more advanced nowthan it was in 1996. My webtv plus was used fortwo months and then stored away. Just in case i didnt want to keep my computer.

While the service was good a decade or more ago, the system was woefully behind the times for today’s internet needs. It closed on october 1st, and webtv & msntv 2 is no longer available,.

There are various reasons why i love my webtv. So much easier than a computer and does basically all the same things. You can email, send and receive photos and voice mail recordings, print,surf the net, build web pages. You also do not ever have to worry about viruses or upgrading. Webtv upgrades automatically when they have something new. Our latest is instant messaging which is great.

My 85 year old mother had one of these 12 years ago so she could you send emails to her friends it finally played out so luckily we found a replacement and now she can stay in touch without having tried to use a regular computer.

This is our third receiver in ten years and is by far the best. The keyboard and receiver work so much better than our last one.

1st – like-new refurbished model with a soft modem didn’t work on my phone line. Spent 2 hours with webtv tech trying different codes w/o any luck. He suggested a different house. On phone with webtv tech 3 hours trying lots of different codes. Finally removed former owner’s (seller) phone info and log on data installed on unit. Webtv tech removed it from his location and added mine. Another 30 minutes of different codes and it started working. Have to aim wireless keyboard level with unit. Even my old web eye doesn’t work with this unit. Classic webtv users are in for it. Msntv doesn’t have any manufacturers building new webtv units.

The original webtv by phillip’s was a birthday gift from my cousin denise, in 2003. I went to visit her over the christmas holidays, in the, lower sierra’s, and at that time it was her birthday too. She absolutely adores her webtv, though she got a computer as a christmas gift from her brother & his family, the following year. She won’t give it up for anything in world, just about. She rarely even bothers to use her nice 10. Well, only if absolutely nescessary anyway. I think the main reason why, is that she can kick back on her living room sofa, with her webtv keyboard in hand, turn on her brand new plasma big screen tv and do emails and play games, like scrabble.Your monitor for a webtv is your television set, so her’s is huge.

Dealing with this vendor was great. We had a small problem, but the vendor had his phone number included in the product description, so it was resolved quickly and to our satisfaction. He also provided email documentation on the progress of the shipment which provided assurance that the product was on the way.

My webtv died after 15 years, and i needed a replacement. Don provided a new unused unit for what they cost when they were available new. It worked perfectly, included everything, and i am back in business. I use webtv a lot as it is better for some things like e-mail. It is slow but i’m not in a hurry. I also have a pc but i’m lost without my webtv.

I had the philips magnavox web tv plus internet receiver, i got it as a christmas gift in 1999 or 2000 and i loved it. Before that i had an old computer that was on it’s last legs so when a friend who has web tv told me about it and that it was cheaper then buying a new computer i made plans on buying one for myself so i was very happy when i got one as a christmas gift. I loved so many things about the web tv plus, one thing was putting the html sigs in my email but i think what i really loved the most was being able to watch tv while i was online and i even had it set up where i could watch a dvd or video while i was reading or composing email or reading or writing reviews on amazon, etc, and even though i’m not a person who watches tv all day long i really loved getting my weeks worth of tv listings and setting reminders of movies and tv shows i wanted to see so i could set my vcr timer and tape them or watch them while online but unfortunately my web tv plus receiver broke after a thunder and lightening storm struck the phone lines and zapped the modem and for some theyare not making plus receivers anymore so i had to get a classic unit.

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