PowerLead Ptox P1030 Windows 10 Smart Mini PC Intel Atom Quad Core Bay Trail Z3735F 1 : Great product for my mom!

Real cheap and works just like any expensive desktop. You need to buy one of these. Real cheap and works just like any expensive desktop. I have it driving a cnc controller, talking to my other pc’s, playing music, and running various cameras watching the cnc operate. The worst problem is that all of the cables i have plugged into it are far heavier than the box itself. I just suspend the cables and all is well. Oh yes and i plugged a 4tb external into it as well and have it remote desktop to another machine when i want to watch it from afar. Buy one, they work just fine.

This turns your tv into a computer. The mini computer is about the size of a small coffee can. The description says its a trial version but it is a full version. The installation is easy as long as you have the right tools. You have to have a mouse and keyboard to set this mini pc up. You set this up just like you would a desktop or laptop right out of the box. It has 32 gb of memory and 2 gb of ram. You can expand that with a sd card.

Very up-to-date, works as expected, easy set-up. I use it as a computer and as a slave to my amazon firestick.

This thing is cheap, works great,. I will simply confirm the many other positive comments by others. The processor is good and it runs well. If you want to watch movies listen to music, surf the web.

  • The coolest gadget ever!
  • Great product for my mom!
  • Mini Windows 10 PC

PowerLead Ptox P1030 Windows 10 Smart Mini PC Intel Atom Quad Core Bay Trail Z3735F 1.8GHZ 2GB RAM 32GM ROM WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 2MP Webcam

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  • Highlights Windows 10 Intel Bay Trail CR Z3735F Quad Core 1.8GHz Intel HD Graphic(Gen7) HDMI 1080P DDR3L 2GB eMMC 32GB Camera 2.0MP With MIC WIFI 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G/5G Dual Band Wifi

For being a mini pc, this beats hands down anything i have ever wanted to use.

The product was well worth the money. It does everything well, though it is not a gaming machine. If you need a pc to surf the net, mess with fb or hangouts, this unit should serve you well. And if in the end you are not happy with it you can have a smart tv at least.

Not 100% happy with this, but did not expect much for the price.

Perfectly capable as my shop pc, using it to drive my cnc router without tying up one of my bigger computers. Would definitely recommend to someone for a similar use.

A bit of a learning curve, and not quite able to do quite what i wanted (i wanted to move my playon server to this unit, using an external hdd, but it runs too slow for this type of application; also too slow to run kodi), however, still a nice unit to play around with, even with limitations.

Replacing broken pc my boss never fixed. I am an master automotive technician. I need the internet to view reference material to repair vehicles. All our manuals and info is online. For the better part of a year, my boss ignored my need and made me use the pc on the other side of the shop to view info to fix cars which slowed me down production wise. The pc he was having me use kept losing connection while all others in the shop never lost wireless connection. I got tired of waiting and purchased this pc. I have only had it a few weeks so this isn’t a longer term review. I can say this thing has been flawless and fast for all my internet needs.

This pc is a beast and gets the work done. It has the shape of that trash can style mac pro and the windows 10 install is clean.

I never knew there was such a device out that would allow you to access the things you can normally only do when on a computer. I have a new laptop and have actually used this more than i have my $800 laptop since getting it. The windows 10 box comes in a nice gift box. It would make a great gift to anyone. It comes with the power cord and a hdmi cord. The device itself is black and very elegant looking. The top says windows 10 and the front has a camera. The back has 4 usb ports,ethernet port,hdmi,sdcard slot and headphone slot. The day it come in the mail we were actually having a family movie night and had out projector out and movie screen so i figured i would try it out on that and see if it really works with anything. The 1st time you turn it on you will need to fill in the basic questions like you do on a computer. After that it was ready to use. I had it hooked to the projector by the hdmi cord. I had a wireless mouse and keyboard hooked into the usb ports and i had an adapter headphone to av and hooked it into my surround sound. I surfed the web,facebook,amazon and even watched my favorite pearl opening lady on the huge 12ft screen.

I bought this mini computer for my mother who uses her ipad for 90% of her internet dealings and needed something that should could do some light browsing and print from. This little pc has worked great for her and she loves it. We already had a bluetooth mouse and keyboard that we connect with a usb dongle and connect a printer via usb and this device has 2 more connections if she needs to connect a thumb drive. The only odd thing was the initial setup. No windows 10 product key comes with the device but you can just skip that step. While that felt odd to me the product works great after that.

Bought this for my dad who needed a new home desktop. The look of amazement on his face when i told him this would be his new desktop was so funny. Very satisfied with this and considering buying one for myself.

 this little mini pc is awesome. It turned my regular tv into a smart tv. I was looking to buy a laptop or a desktop to replace my old one but with this mini pc i can take it on the road with me and have it plugged into my tv and do my work on a larger screen. The camera quality is not that great but i am only looking for something to do my work on. It is like any laptop pc you can buy, it has the windows 10. I like that i can also expand out the memory with an sd card as well. The device is also lightweight making it easy to carry with me. The box it comes with is so durable i have been using it as my carrying case storing all the wires and the device. Now i need to get a bluetooth keyboard and i am set.

Not a super-powered computer, but great as a home media controller. I use it to play media off a network drive and watch netflix. Have had it for several months, with no issues. Unique round design is very attractive. Front facing camera is weird (have covered it with a sticker) and fan is relatively loud – can hear it from 10 feet away when nothing else is making noise in the room. I don’t notice the fan when i am watching media.

I am incredibly surprised by how great this sub $a hundred and fifty laptop is.

I was astonished how speedy this tiny pc is. Is effective wonderfully with windows 10. Having said that beware there is no microphone input so it will not do voice management with cortana. This is why i have only give in four stars. It does have speaker out fortuitously. Usually it is very small, about the sizing of a can of coke.

I never ever knew there was such a product out that would enable you to obtain the points you can ordinarily only do when on a personal computer. I have a new laptop and have essentially used this additional than i have my $800 laptop computer considering the fact that obtaining it. The windows 10 box arrives in a wonderful present box. It would make a good gift to any one.

My to start with mini pc and i truly like it. Product or service description suggests windows 10 demo but its comprehensive version.

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PowerLead Ptox P1030 Windows 10 Smart Mini PC Intel Atom Quad Core Bay Trail Z3735F 1.8GHZ 2GB RAM 32GM ROM WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 2MP Webcam
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