Rikomagic RKM MK802IV Mini PC TV Dongle : For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Much better than last year’s mk802. The settings claim that it runs 1080p but it looks more like upscaled 720p. Unfortunately the google market still see it as a chinese device so things like iheartradio need to be side-loaded. If they fix that it might deserve five stars.

For me this was a good purchase even with the wifi issue the device comes with. I currently have a logitech revue and an apple tv. The mk802iv is by far the best out of the three. It is super fast at its price range and well worth the investment. I mainly bought it for a tv that i have in the kitchen that does not have a cable outlet nearby. With this small device i can login into xfinity app, hulu, youtube, etc. And view whatever i want without having the pain of running a coaxial cable. Pros:very fast at its price rangesmallquietcons:wifi issue (its an easy fix)bluetooth does not work (at least for me, still need to research the problem)fix provided by rikomagic on their webpage to the wifi issue is a joke. They need to hire a translator asap. To whomever posted the fix to the wifi problem in internet i want to tell you thank you, if it had not bc of that i would not have bought this item.

Bought this mini pc for use as a media player. Purchase a measy u2c-d mini pc holder to hold it wired it into the family tv and use the setup as an electronic media player. Very happy with the outcome not a fancy set up but works really well.

Operating system is the problemandroid is not what i expected. Adobe flash is not supported on android need work around. Skype hangscan’t detect bluetooth micmovies some times hangs and disconnecti had to install linux on sd to full utilize its features.

  • Not the best quad core mini PC, but not the worst either
  • This device is not 100% but, it works pretty well for me!
  • For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Rikomagic RKM MK802IV Mini PC TV Dongle, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, RK3188 Quad Core Cortex A9 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, Bluetooth

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  • RK3188 Quad Core Cortex-A9, Android 4.2 operation system
  • ESD circuit design makes sure the stable feature, support soft turn off
  • Support TF card / HDMI 1080P/ WIFI 802.11b/g/n /flash 11.1
  • With WIFI 802.1b/g/n Wireless to get rid of the wire bond,Extension ports support 2.4GHz wireless mouse, wireless keyboard with touchpad, etc..
  • 24/7 email support, buy with confidence!

Had to exchange the firmware. Crashes alot with xbmc installed and i have to restared the xbmc. I think its pretty slow also. I had the dual core mk802 ii and it was not any slower than this one. Something must be wrong with this device.

The guy who made this is a genius. This boosted my smart tv’s iq. You need a wirelss keypad/touchpad with this although a regular wirless or non wireless usb mouse will also work. Sufficient memory for repositories, etc. You can expand memory by adding an micro sd card. Recommended to use the power adaptor that came with it since trying to use usb on tv to power it did not work for me. The power adaptor cord is a bit short and should be longer. Also used the hdmi extender with it since my set was mounted on the wall so it had to be plugged on the side.

I have to be honest, i bought this specifically for netflix, and out of the box it simply does not display any video. It’s nice it came pre-flashed with 4. X which apparently fixes a ton of bugs in 4. X, specifically with wifi and bluetooth. X actually works with netflix. It’s a debate whether to return the item or gamble they’ll post an update.

I just bought one in april 2014 and the serial number prefix was 201307, so it contained a real rk3188, not the rk3188t. As with a lot of these devices if you are an average user you may be disappointed or discouraged. The first thing you have to do is flash a decent rom like neotv or at least update to the latest factory rom. As far as the wifi signal strength there are fixes for the older models that require you to move the antenna inside the case. This was typically required with the first models (201305 serial number prefix), but you probably will not be able to buy these any more (the 201307 model has the antenna in the right spot). I found the best way to get a good signal is to start a large file transfer from your pc and orient the mk802iv in different positions and watch the transfer rate. You can get and app like wifi analyzer from google play store to find the best channel for your router as well. It also helps to place you router as high as possible (6 ft or higher). There’s definitely a range limitation of about 20 ft. If you don’t do any type of antenna mod.

I’ve got the rikomagic quad core mini pc mk802 iv which is running android 4. 2 connected to my tv but, it’s not a replacement for my apple tv because video playback is not as smooth. With the proper app i can also chromecast youtube videos from my pc to this device. I can play (airplay or beam) video from my ipad or android tablet to this device directly, or over my media server. Content can be played to or from this device to my apple tv using the proper app. Netflix, hulu, and youtube all play well. Simply put, i can play all my network video and music content from my ipad or android tablet to this device. No wifi issues here using a netgear router, all bars are full because the device is within 10ft. If you have trouble with wifi re-connect, you may have to re-boot the device until it connects. This device is not 100% but, it works pretty well for me.

I bought this with the rikomagic mk70211 mini wireless smart fly mouse for the android box tv. When i connect them together, the combination does not seem to work well and i have issues with wifi, even though the wifi router is right next to the tv dongle. Once i separated them, the tv dongle works well. I have intermittent issues with google play store, but over all it does what it says on the box.

Has trouble keeping the current date and time (it resets back to 2011 after power down). If the current date is not set, android aps will not work. Youtube good, netflix good, it recognizes my 1tb drive with no problem, and the kids love playing angry birds on our big screen tv.

This is a great product to have it really meets my expectations you should have this on your tv if its not a smart tv for real.

This device is excellent to use. It worth the money i bought it for. The manufacturer should starts thinking about manufacturing its accessories such as game sticks and keyboards.

It works well, but doesn’t play full screen video on few web sites. You may need to upgrade the firmware.

I bought this item bcz my brother in law got it and it works just fine for him, so despite the bad reviews i decided to give it a chance, but no luck ;(its was connected to the wifi but could get to play store or manage any features ( it kept giving me message error ), so i contacted a rikomagic thru a website and they requested information a bout the device which i did, and they end up telling me that they can’t do anything about because it wasn’t a usa one . I was confused and then they sent me a picture of the usa one and it was a little bit different ( on picture) ,thus i decided to return the seller was kind and refund me. I didnt get the usa one because iam not ready to deal with that , maybe one day.

Almost hard to believe the amount of technology crammed into this sleek body, for such a low price. Simply plug in a usb receiver (for mouse/keyboard) and then plug this into an open hdmi port on your tv or monitor, and voila – you’ve got a more-than capable pc, running android 4. Whatever you can do with an android tablet. I wrote this review using google chrome using the mk 802 iv. Great product and a great price.

These will differ from obtain to obtain. The initial a person crashed on the second day and experienced to be returned. The next nonetheless crashes the moment each 3-five periods it will get applied and has to be unplugged to get it back. The 3rd a single was a present for a friend and it appears to be to run actually perfectly (fortunately). A little something i have to say nevertheless. Adobe flash is on the a person that crashes, but not my buddies. Even even though flash is on the one particular at my dwelling, it continue to would not like to perform most flash formats. Streaming mp4’s are superior & mkv’s are not. A lot of of the hyperlinks presented by streaming sites will permit you to obtain the file and if you get the totally free apps (mx player & mx participant arm v7 codec) from google play, you can watch any downloaded online video (which includes mkv’s) by way of the player. Of program that implies you have to wait around 30min-1hr for the down load to total before you can look at it.

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Rikomagic RKM MK802IV Mini PC TV Dongle, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, RK3188 Quad Core Cortex A9 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, Bluetooth
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