Roku 1 Streaming Player, Happy to have again

We have had a roku 1 and love it. We are looking forward to this one being as good as our last one.

I hope to be able to use it someday. . I hope to be able to use it someday. I just haven’t had time to hook it up yet. However: my sisters isn’t working.

Key specs for Roku 1 Streaming Player (Black) (Roku 2710RW) Special VUDU Edition with $5 VUDU credit:

  • Roku 1 Streaming Player with Vudu shortcut on Remote
  • Includes a $5 VUDU credit

Comments from buyers

“Simply the Best Streamer on the Market., I don’t know what I’d do without it now! , Perfect for old TVs without HDMI input”

The set up was simple and adding wifi and channels was easy as well. Streaming quality is very good, i would recommend this to anyone.

I got this ruko box about a month ago. It is the best thing i have bought for my non smart t. It has everything on it netflix,amazon,ect. U can also watch movies from ur google play acct.

Very easy to set-up and use. . This has worked well for me. I initially got it to stream netflix on my older analog tv. Worked really well using av cables. I recently replaced that old tv w/a new tv w/muse, so the roku was no longer needed. I am now using it on an older led tv w/an hdmi cable and it works just as well.

Family very happy with purchase.

We have one hooked up to each tv and love it.

Has a lot of problems getting it to update software. . Spent 4 days with roku tech. Before final y getting through.

Had to replace my old roku player and this worked. Had to replace my old roku player and this worked out well. I’ve been using roku for over five years.

Works perfect for my older tv.

Roku handles my netflix streaming. Vudu is too expensive a site to consider.

Simply the best streamer on the market. . Roku is simply the best streamer on the market. I have several and they all work flawlessly. Wish they would make it in a android tv box, but i know that will never happen.

This was the first step in ‘cutting. This was the first step in ‘cutting the cord’ and getting rid of the cable company. Not only will there always be something on tv we want to watch, but we will be saving big dollars each month and throughout the year.

I don’t know what i’d do without it now. I don’t know what i’d do without it now. Cut my cable bill by more than half because i could do without all the extra channels thanks to roku and amazon prime.

I bought this as a gift for my wife’s home office/spare room and have no regrets at all. I had to buy the roku 1 because the tv in there was really old and only had composite inputs (red, white, yellow). As far as i know this is the only roku model that works with much older tv’s. For being the lower end model it was still pretty fast for navigating menus. The remote is very basic and simple to use and the menus are easily navigated. They have a gazillion channels to choose from, although i couldn’t find starz channel. Some of the channels, like hbo go and showtime require you to validate your subscription with a code you need to enter on the computer (it probably works with tablets, phones, etc. Whereas sites like netflix and vudu allow you to enter your information directly.

So easy to use, and i honestly don’t know why i didn’t buy this a long time ago. The only issue is that netflix is the older version and cannot be updated to the version with many profiles.

Perfect for old tvs without hdmi input. Seems like maybe this model is being discontinued since it is no longer in stores. That makes sense given that virtually everything has hdmi inputs. We bought this to take to a rental condo in hawaii that had only old tube tvs with composite and coax inputs. Worked great for netflix and plex.

Made our old, big tube tv live again.

Works great and easy to set up.

Best roku hot key selection on this vudu edition roku. . It’s a shame that roku remotes have to be so specific. Netflix, hulu+, amazon, vudu are the top 4 streaming apps. At least this has 3 out of 4.

Worka great and it has a lots of apps.

I have nothing but good things to say. I purchased a second for my parents.

Love this came fast would order again.

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Roku 1 Streaming Player (Black) (Roku 2710RW) Special VUDU Edition with $5 VUDU credit
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