Roku Premiere : With this Premier + unit . I can really see a difference in the Picture quality.( I do NOT have a 4 k TV) & the clarity

I really like the roku premiere+ (it replaced a roku 3). I really like the roku premiere+ (it replaced a roku 3), and i’d give it 5 stars if it weren’t for the audio sync problem that others have mentioned. The problem occurs on all 4k video (which is pretty spectacular otherwise) on amazon video, netflix and hbo. With manual lip sync on my yamaha receiver, i’ve been able to make the problem tolerable (again,as another reviewer mentioned), but it varies from source to source, so is never totally “right. ” like the others, i wish roku would come up with a fix. I really like the unit, but this problem is a major flaw in an otherwise nice device.

Huge upgrade from older device. When i cut the cable box channel lineup of my cable service, the money saved in the first month easily paid for this roku (premiere +). I had no idea the roku devices had improved so much. My old roku 2 was taxing, waiting for the remote commands to register. This puppy, however, is really reactive. Good speed with good apps make this the main input to my tv. Not super-thrilled about the preset buttons on the remote again, but i do enjoy the headphone jack.

Works ok, just not what i need. . Worked ok mostly, it did freeze up on hulu and i did not like the caption options. Ended up returning the unit because it did not work for my usage as well as a chromecast did. It’s a fine device, but did not work for me.

Works great with my samsung 40″ 4k tv. I’ve had many rokus and this one is great but it does crash sometimes. I feel its not as fast as the roku3 but its fast enough. The picture quality of the 4k shows is pretty dramatic. Like the demos in the stores.

  • Exceeded Expectations! Roku has done it again!
  • I really like the Roku Premiere+ (it replaced a Roku 3)
  • With this Premier + unit . I can really see a difference in the Picture quality.( I do NOT have a 4 k TV) & the clarity

Roku Premiere+ – HD and 4K UHD Streaming Media Player with HDR

  • Perfect for HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs, features fast quad-core processor and 802.11ac dual-band wireless.
  • 4K Ultra HD at 60fps with four times the resolution of 1080p HD, delivering crisp detail and brilliant, life-like images.
  • Vibrant HDR displaying an incredible range of colors, brighter whites, and deeper blacks.
  • Enhanced point anywhere remote with headphones for private listening.
  • Unbiased search across top channels. Find where it’s free or cheapest to watch.

One of the greatest products i have purchased in a long time. Beats any of the other streaming options available. This is easily the fastest most efficient way to watch all of the various medias on the multiple platforms we use in the house. Looking forward to purchasing another for a second television.

Samsung+comcast problems solved. . My supposedly-smart samsung tv and comcast xfinity could not figure out how to coexist. I’ve used roku in the past, so once again our new tv has a new best friend. Easy to install, simple to use, and so worth it to get rid of the aforementioned incompatibility headaches.

For me it has worked perfectly. I have battled with dish network for years over my rates. I had been with them for 15 years and they treated me like crapola. The roku with the playstation vue combo allowed me to pull the plug on dish. I had to use hd antenna with tablo for local tv and local tv dvr, which cost a lot out of the gate but in the long run my monthly bill for everything will be at $40. I also have the roku stick in my bedroom which works beautifully as well.

Excellent streaming device. . Works well – connects to the streaming services, and slingbox (in a remote location) well. I didn’t need the 4k/ uhd service this provides, but wanted the ethernet capability this unit provides. The remote uses rf signals rather than ir so the roku can be hidden behind the tv; however, the remote can’t be integrated with the tv and other remotes needed for the av system.

Finally got rid of that overpriced satellite subscription. Yes you have to learn something new, but it’s not difficult. My little grandson can already tell you what channel he wants you to put it on. Plus we put up an outdoor antenna and get 25 channels from that. There is no limit to what you can watch.

Quality, easy setup, responsive. Very fast response and quick loading. I wanted something to serve my plex server and other media and the premiere plus delivers exactly what i wanted quickly.I have used the roku stick before and it was sluggish but the premiere plus has instant response to button pushes. Setup was easy and quick, 5min maybe 10min if you are not tech inclined. I will update with more info as i use it more.

This is my first foray into the world of streaming tv. I got the premiere+ because i wanted to used the wired lan connection instead of wi-fi. Installation and hook-up was quite easy. I also got the totalmount roku holder for mounting the roku on the back of the tv. Once installed, setting up a roku account was also quite easy. We’ve watched several movies already and the device seems to work just as it should.

Even if you have a smart tv. . After comcast jacked my rates up again i decided to look into other options to cut the cable. I already had a smart tv capable of doing much of what this does and already had an amazon prime and netflix accounts. But my samsung tv interface is slow and clunky. Using the roku interface is super fast, smooth, easy and highly intuitive, everything works the way you would expect it to. In addition, my samsung tv doesn’t seem to be compatible with all internet streaming tv options i might want to explore, like playstation vue. Also, picture quality is amazing, with most stations coming in at hd quality. Once the roku arrived i had to set up an account online.

: ))) we have had ours for over 6 months and we absolutely love ours. Would never go with another brand for our streaming movies, etc.

Best value for a 4k set top box. The nvidia shield cost twice as much but doesn’t offer much more. This is by far the best bang for the buck for streaming video boxes. Supports every ecosystem out there with exception of apple itunes. Apps are very easy to install and use. User interface is mostly easy to use and the hardware works wonderfully quick. It’s a shame i don’t have hdr on my tv since this box supports that as well.

I bought this version of the roku so that i could have wireless ac and the option of a wired connection. So far it has been flawless. It outputs a great picture via hdmi and was easy to setup. The remote for this version is wireless rf instead of ir so you don’t have to be aiming at the box to make it work. A nice touch that allows me to hide the box.

Purchased this so we can move the roku 3 to a 2nd home. Have purchased the 4k yet but works as good as or better than the 3 on 1080p. Did find out that the remote does not sync with roku 3. Accidentally brought the wrong remote and had to purchase a cheap ir version which happens to works on both.

Huge advancement around my previous hd2. Ethernet link for use with moca. The gui is continue to a little bit clunky and not as crystal clear as anaptv, but extremely great.

Far better than the sony smart television os. . This detail up-samples all the things to 4k, has superior lookup un-biased features, and the wireless remote won’t have to be aimed at it. The hbo applications and some some others could use an update, but a lot of far more obtainable than android. Ui could use an update also, but extremely responsive and useable.

Very recommend this model around lesser priced kinds, because of the distant. It is rf which implies you do not want to ‘point’ it at the television set. Also, it has a headphone jack, and will come with really superior ear buds. This allows you to view tv without disturbing the home. Due to the fact the distant is rf, it can be applied as a audio unit. Turn on your beloved streaming channel, walk close to the dwelling listening to your tunes. It is real 4k video, and the menu is really uncomplicated to use and recognize. Only draw again is the dhcp settings.

Saved me $one hundred forty a thirty day period when i obtained rid of directv. Assumed i would, but i do not miss it at all. The only challenge i have with it is that the voice research locks up the device about each individual other time you use it. You can both hold out a couple of minutes for the roku to reboot by itself, or just manually reboot it (pull the electrical power plug). Other than that, it really is wonderful. The headphones participating in as a result of the remote are shockingly helpful.

I have experienced a roku 3 for awhile no complications but have now modified every thing more than to whole 4k. I can see the difference in between the two.

Improvements in excess of the roku three for 1080p. I have a samsung 60′ television with 1080p only, i have been employing a roku three for the very last four years. This new premier+ is substantially speedier and the photo is a lot clearer. Also i observed the improved audio selection appears to be to make my encompass audio seem a great deal much better. Negligible advancements, but i believe it was perfectly worthy of the nominal charge.

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