Simple TV Branded ATSC Dual Tuner : Simple, but powerful

No problem to set up — 20 min max. Including auto update and channel scan. I live in the suburbs and using one of those flat digital antennas, i got 55 local channels. Of course, just like cable i only watch maybe 10-15 of the available channels, but its easy to eliminate them from the channel scan so you don’t have skip through them all to find the channel you want. Easy to schedule recordings using the tv guide information. It also ties in with my roku so i can use the roku remote headphone connector to watch simple tv silently and not disturb my partner.

Check for reviews and posts. Understand the limitations of ota signals and a dual tuner ant this is a good product. I had to engineer a better cooling solution for it. Hope the company can stay in business.

This device is everything it promised and more. In less than 15 minutes, i had it connected to an antenna, external drive and my tv. Everything worked perfectly. I am really enjoying high quality, free tv, with my simpletv. The hd quality is the best i’ve ever seen. Watching tv on my ipad was so simple i almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

I’m happy i bought it but it takes constant attention. It’s not like the dvr we’re all accustomed to but it definitely works. You can’t start watching a recording while recording is in progress. Recording will stop the moment you hit play. I believe i have the latest software updates installed as of mid-june. The android app is easy to use but takes a few tries to get live tv to play through or even get a recording to start playing. The roku app takes some patience as well but again, it does work.

  • Had to make a number of modifcations to get it to work since Simple’s last Firmware Update in March.
  • It’s an okay device
  • I will review again after I have had this longer

Simple TV Branded ATSC Dual Tuner with Software Suite

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  • Watch live TV on your Roku, iPad, Android device or laptop and never miss a live sports event, breaking news or your favorite show ever again. TV uses adaptive streaming so you get the best quality on any connection.
  • Out of town on business? Got a long car journey planned with the kids? With our Premier subscription, you can watch your TV programs anywhere, whether around the corner or around the world.
  • TV is a dual-tuner DVR, enabling you to record two shows at once, watch two live streams from different locations at the same time, or record one show while watching another.
  • Our intuitive Electronic Program Guide (EPG) gives your easy access to all the programming available from your channel lineup. Search, browse and choose the shows most important to you. With one click access, you can set-up individual or season recordings.
  • Never want to miss an episode of your favorite show, sitcom or sporting event? Schedule a Series Recording and Simple.TV will record every episode for you. Don’t like re-runs? Ask Simple.TV to record only the new stuff.
  • Our EPG is filled with the latest show images, series descriptions, meta-data and episode details. Quickly figure out what’s new, upcoming, a series premiere, or a can’t-miss finale. It’s always up to date!
  • Everyone claims TV everywhere, but Simple.TV delivers. Whether watching it in your home or on your iPad, Android tablet or mobile phone on the go, you have access to all your shows at your fingertips – anytime you want them.
  • Everyone claims TV everywhere, but Simple.TV delivers. Whether watching it in your home or on your iPad, Android tablet or mobile phone on the go, you have access to all your shows at your fingertips – anytime you want them.

Okay, this device does have two tuners built in, the tuners need a pre-amplifier to get a good tv signal from the device. I had to adapt and external usb hard drive to save tv files. I could not read the tv files using an ibm computer. The hard drive was reformatted to an unknown format for this process. There seems to be something not quite right about the software suite??. After a few attempts to save multiple tv files, with failures, i returned the device.

I live in an area which has excellent ota reception via an atsc antenna, so i have been a cord cutter for the past 4 years. As such, i was very excited to try out this product as it matches perfectly with my viewing habits. Setup: out of the box, it was simple to setup and get started using the included instructions. One snag, however, was that i had purchased a usb thumb drive to be used for the dvr capability. During setup, when it tried to initialize the drive, the setup behaved abnormally and it wasn’t obvious what i had done wrong. However, if i had read the instructions properly, i would have noticed that usb thumb drives are not supported. After replacing the drive with a supported drive, setup completed normally. Perhaps, my bad, but might have been easier if the setup could have detected the unsupported thumb drive and been more helpful in pointing this out. Channels: using a mohu leaf ultimate hdtv antenna, i was able to pick up all the ota network channels and then some (roughly about 60-80 channels).

Yes i read all of the reviews and i have been watching the company for some time. We do not pay for cable and have used a windows media center for years to watch over the air hdtv. This past year however we discovered roku and just love that device. However it is missing an easy way to watch live tv. This simple tv has solved that issue. After getting mine ups i hooked it up and let it do the firmware update and have not had an issue at all with it. It works great from a browser and from the android app. It works well through the roku as well. My only complaint is the roku app needs some refinement. I have not seen any lockup, and picture quality is very good. Yes, you have to pay a small yearly fee for the programming but it is less money then a popular competitor. I also really appreciate that the company has tried to answear customer compaints. This is clearly a company that does not have bad customer service, they are mearly taking a bad situation and trying to make it right. Wort case it does not work, just send it back to amazon.

I will review again after i have had this longer. It certainly isn’t automatic. Turn the tv on select simple tv select that channel and you still have to select one more time. I am also getting a lot of retrieiving messages or other sort of rebuffering messages. I am not sure if it is the simple tv tuner or the antenna.

Very happy watching free tv on my ipad and on my tv using my roku. Installation was quick and easy. Recording hours of shows on my hardrive and the video quality is great. Its great to be able to watch local news and sports while i travel for business. Being able to set recordings for all my favorite shows to record the entire series has made it easy to always have something good to watch. I’ll never pay for cable again.

I continue to be a supporter of simple tv, (but i do understand that i am, and will continue to become the minority, – probably until they go out of business) i have tried to contact simple. Tv through my account and the website on numerous occasions – but like others i have been unsuccessful. I have had to make a number of modifications to the simple tv server – since their last firmware update. I had to basically replace the fan inside the simple tv box with a much higher capacity fan (available on amazon btw) and run it directly from the 12v supply bypassing the fan speed control circuit. I also cut a 2 inch hole above the fan allowing it to vent freely to the outside. I placed several thermocouples on the key components and some were reaching 135f since the firmware mod they put out in march to slow the fan speed, this just caused thermal issues inside the device. I know i run my simple tv inside a server closet with other devices, but in my opinion 135f is just too hot and causes the simple tv server to lock up and lose communication – i don’t have a network analyzer at home – so i cant tell if its an issue on the network side of the chip set or the processor – but i suspect its the processor – it just runs too hot. I also replaced the connected hard drive i had (which used the simple tv usb to supply power) with a western digital drive that i had here – the wd drives have their own psu’s – this again reduces the load on the simple tv box and reduces thermals(a little)i have a local time off control capability in the server closet – i now turn both the hard drive and simple tv server off between 12 am and 4 am in the morning to allow it to reset and cool. Having made all of the above modifications – i can report that the product has been stable for the last 4 weeks now – withe zero lock ups and zero loss of communication.

I had the tivo premiere which i used strictly for ota recordings. While it was excellent at that function, it had many extra features, or apps, like youtube, netflix, hulu. Etc which i found frustrating to deal with on that device when/if they worked at all. After spending much time with tivo tech support trying to get those features to perform as they should, i ended up getting an apple tv which had a much better user interface and those features on the tivo became redundant. I could no longer justify the $15 monthly fee for the tivo. I considered the channel master dvr+ (cm7500), simple tv, and tablo in that order. Since amazon doesn’t yet carry the cm7500 and i don’t like dealing with other online retailers, it found its way to the bottom of the list. The tablo, likewise is not yet available on amazon so it left only the simple tv. Based on the poor user reviews on the dual tuner version, i almost decided to just keep the tivo but i read one review about how hard the people at simple. Tv are working to fix their issues and it gave me enough hope to take the risk.

In recent discussions with colleagues about the outrageous costs of cable providers, the option of simple. Tv and roku were raised and explained to me. Not being very technically savvy, i did some research and it really did sound simple and a possible solution to free me from expensive cable bills. I was initially skeptical as my continued research revealed mixed reviews. There were those who loved simple. Tv but a number of reviews reviews indicated the device was noisy, the app was not user friendly and there were buffering issues. I put off the purchase until a friend who swore by simple. Tv showed me the device and how it worked. I did not see any of the issues mentioned in the reviews. It seemed to work great and the dvr feature was fantastic and the easy of the app with his android tablet convinced me to purchase the device.

My initial setup was an htpc running windows media center, which i loved but i didn’t like the fact that most streaming services won’t stream hd over a computer such as amazon, and the computer i have is very power hungry. I set up the simple tv yesterday and i have it running fairly well over wifi to a roku3. The setup process is about as easy as it gets. My previous silicondust device worked much better hardwired and i plan to do the same here. I am occasionally getting some buffering, and i’m certain it’s the result of the wifi connection as the roku is at the end of my wifi coverage area, and this product certainly needs a solid wifi setup to run well. The box does have a fairly loud fan as others have said, but it’s sitting in my office so i don’t hear it. Overall, i’m happy with my purchase. The wife is happy that we now have one solution (roku) for everything. This helps to simplify the entertainment setup. Update 04-08after a few days installed, i’ve noticed this box does get very hot and the fan noise is almost unacceptable even though it’s placed in the office.

I’ve read a lot of posts regarding the box being loud and that’s true, but since this box connects directly to your router, which is typically in your home office if you have one, then the noise is a mute issue. The antenna connects directly to the simple tv box. I put the antenna in the window of my home office and it works great. I connected a 2tb storage to it and away i went. Along with this i have the roku boxes. These coupled together works out wonder for my family. I also singed up for prime with amazon as well. I don’t miss direct tv at all. ***also regarding the noise issue. The newer firmware addresses that issue.

I like being able to dvr broadcast tv, especially sports. It integrates easily with my roku 3 and ipad 4. Its a great addition to my cable-less entertainment system. Its also nice that it doesn’t’ have to be near your tv, so you can place it wherever the antenna gets the best reception.

The setup was quick and easy. The ipad app looks great and is very easy to use and the video quality is excellent. The roku app was easy to set-up and works great. And with the dvr feature for over-the-air tv i can watch my favorite shows whenever i want.

I might already reduce the cable, and was on the lookout for a way to time change ota broadcasts, the dual tuner simple tv match the invoice. My original endeavor at setup experienced a hiccup in that it could not come across the device. I had been employing firefox, however a switch chrome solved that difficulty. The channel scan was rapid, and i finished up with twenty five channels, 4 much more than the tv picked up.Recorded a few of shows, labored terrific. At first i assumed not acquiring an hdmi output was a disadvantage, having said that the people at simple. Tv assumed this through, and streaming to units like a laptop, telephone or a pill is my favored attribute of this merchandise.

Read through a large amount of the previously feedback on this unit, but i took a chance and acquired it anyway. I plugged in the unit, allow it obtain the updates, clicked by means of a number of techniques and the product was up and jogging. No complications, no troubles, worked exactly as advertised. I am guessing regardless of what challenge they experienced when it was introduced was fixed with the update, simple. Tv installed and performs like a appeal.

I started off my journey with a silicondust simple tv branded atsc dual tuner with software suite stv2-2us, connected to a mohu the leaf ultimate indoor hdtv antenna and toshiba 500gb hdd hooked up to my netgear r6300 router. To that i additional a roku 3 streaming media player, and google chromecast hdmi streaming media participant. I am all set for the new world. As with most of these kinds of tasks, i anticipated to invest countless hours on the phone with tech assist enduring innumerable agonizing reboots, resets and reconnects. That was not the circumstance with this gear. It took me about forty minutes divided into equal elements between unpacking the gear, examining the directions (remarkably overrated) and obtaining anything set up, updated, scanned and doing work. I been given forty four channels with the 1st scan and program on repositioning the antenna to the place i count on even improved final results. The image top quality is superb no matter of the machine. I have utilised it on my ipad and apple iphone. Tv anyplace anytime which is genuinely amazing when you travel a good deal.

So with any product or service you have two possibilities. Launch one thing which is a get the job done in development and permit the bugs pop up and deal with them as they do. Speedy prototyping i imagine is what some may well phone it. The value was that in a earth of stars they have forfeited having the 4/five they are worthy of. Wherever we are coming from: we spend about $250+ a thirty day period on cable so selecting to slice the cable was uncomplicated for us. If the evaluations detour you from getting a simpletv, appear on the internet in the community forums, and spots like newegg to see that the organization is placing out updates and person responses at a break neck velocity to get this factor from are unsuccessful to achievements. I consider i bought at about the appropriate time. The machine was extremely easy to set up and following an update was up and running pretty nicely. The web-site was a breeze and experienced no connectivity concerns in any respect.

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