HDMI over Wireless Extender – Wireless HDMI Video – 165 ft (50m) – 1080p : Works great! We even hid the transmitter portion within a

Be careful of the weird usb power adapter that you have to use to plug these in. The cable sticks way out of the plug, and mine got bent on the floor and immediately stopped working. I had to order a replacement power cable on the startech web site. I used the online chat feature on their site, and they quickly guided me to the exact replacement cable that i needed. It was pricey ($40+ once shipping and handling was added), but interestingly, the replacement cable does not use a usb cable, and it’s much better / sturdier as a result.

This unot works better than i thought, siganl is very stable. The ability for it to also control the source via rf is not so good though. Some non hd signals seen to not transmit correctly.

Star tech wireless hdmi extender. Excellent system, simple to set up and use and very hdmi compliant, not fussy at all like some about being sourced from the original hdmi source. As everyone knows the hollywood hardware copy protection built in to hdmi is a dammed pest, especially if like most you only want to view legal content on two or more screens at the same time. This excellent rx/tx combo will work from a hdmi splitter or just about anything you can feed through an hdmi cable.

Easily send hdmi across the room or into the next room. This is a great product works great .

  • Weird power cable
  • Really great product! We have 2 of them in our
  • Works well in my company’s conference for streaming video from HDMI over Wireless Extender – Wireless HDMI Video – 165 ft (50m) – 1080p

  • Wirelessly extend an HDMI signal up to 165 ft (50m), with the added benefit of IR extension for remote control of your video source
  • Compatible with HDMI computers such as MacBook Pro and HDMI monitors, TVs and projectors
  • Wireless Extender / HDMI Extender / Wireless HDMI / HDMI Wireless
  • Extends up to 165 ft (50M)
  • High-definition 1080p
  • Extend wireless video where cabling or drilling through walls is not an option
  • Create digital signage display at a hospital, school or shopping center

We even hid the transmitter portion within a. We even hid the transmitter portion within a metal tray built into a conference table and the signal is great.

We have 2 of them in our office and they just flat work.

Works well in my company’s conference for streaming video from. Works well in my company’s conference for streaming video from laptop computer to the wall-mounted tv. We don’t use audio portion but i noticed that it works too.

The manual provides no info regarding the lights or the little button on this device. Pushing the button didn’t seem to do anything. Unplugging the device and plugging it in again is what finally reconnected the signal.

Easy install and worked first time right out of the. Does exactly as it said it would. Easy install and worked first time right out of the box. Even if no line of sight it works by bouncing the signal like radar (and at 5ghz frequency that is exactly what it is) off of any hard flat surface to reach the receiver unit. Take your sound from the hdmi signal so sound and vision arrive at your brain at the same time. International music services (malta) we have 3 of these units in busy bars in bugibba and qawra running 24/7.

This is a very nice hd extender, worked right out of the box with my cable box. It would be 5 stars, except that the picture is a bit stretched. Hasn’t bothered me too much but that is the only flaw i’ve noticed. Every couple of weeks i do have to turn off and on the device to reinitiate the signal, a on-off button might be nice in the future. Other than this, by far the best i’ve seen an i’ve tried other devices.

Works exactly as advertised, even better. Great wireless solution for hdmi/displayport/thunderbolt. Have tested it all with adapters and a laptop, through walls, through partitions, using video and sound at around 100ft with no problems. The ability to select and pair among multiple transmitters is really handy in an office, conference room and collaboration areas.

Tested on android, live feed video camera, hdmi splitter, vehicle to house transmission – excellent for non-interactive displays. Does work with android tablets with an hdmi out (be it mini hdmi or micro hdmi). The source device simply outputs as it would to any directly connected receiver display, and these extenders do all the work. Running from a android tablet (used both a 10. 4 and an android/kodi streambox lollipop 5. 0) to a cheap 1080p monitor with an hdmi in, and here it gets really interesting. I then put on an hdmi splitter from the receiver into two monitors (actually my hdtv being the second via a hdmi switch), and that worked as well without any significant additional transmission delay. Take note, however, that i say “without significant *additional* transmission delay”. Now this is entirely best suited for non-interactive remote display, and although it does hdmi audio return, it seems to be basically on par with bluetooth transmission speeds – other words, not completely on-synch with video (but pretty dang close). I really need to emphasize this. For audiovisual demos in a storefront or mobile kiosk, it isn’t going to be at all an issue since the main job for such displays is attraction and hopefully leading to person-to-person engagement. But for intense viewing focus, like bluetooth audio synching, it does get a bit irritating. 0 does nothing; it is the wireless signal and distance being casted that presents the current tech bottleneck. Nor is there really a way around this wireless latency in any form (at least, not until the next big breakthrough). It is also return signal that presents the speed response slowdown for return-to-source interactions.

I send my signal from the second floor to the first, on the opposite side of the house, and it has no problems.

Thought it died but it didnt. . I contacted star tech and was able to get our device working again.

We use two of these for two separate pcs in. We use two of these for two separate pcs in the same room and we have not had any problems. We had to position them about 10 feet away from each other, if the receivers are too close to each other they will not work. Both are hooked to the same tv.

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