TiVo BOLT+ 3 TB DVR: Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player – 4K UHD Compatible – Works with Cable : Tivo Bolt+ and Mini, good once working

Saved 50. 00 in rental fees. Painless install if you follow all the instructions in the correct order. It took an hour to unpack, set up, update the box firmware,install cable card, and call fios to activate card. All my channels working fine signal at 98% on all channels. Love the speed and features. Curious to see the longevity of the product, hoping for 5 years.

Tivo skip function is icing on the cake. I have been using tivo for many years and love it. I upgraded from an xl version and this box is much smaller and i love the commercial skip function. After you use it, you will be amazed how great a function it really is. Not certain i’m big on the unusual curve of the box but that is the only downside i can have.

Had no problems hooking it up.

Some software tweaks could make it great. . Love the commercial skip and fast play features. Season passes can be messy because they record old episodes that are seen as ‘new’ to the system. Some menu commands aren’t very intuitive. Streaming integration is nice, but not as seamless as i thought it would be.

  • DVR nirvana once you get past setup
  • Great storage and features. Saved 50.00 in rental fees
  • Tivo Bolt+ and Mini, good once working

TiVo BOLT+ 3 TB DVR: Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player – 4K UHD Compatible – Works with Cable

  • TiVo BOLT+ lets you record 6 shows at once and up to 450 hours of HD programming—that’s 3 terabytes of recording capacity. (1) It replaces your cable equipment and works with your existing cable subscription.
  • Requires a subscription to TiVo service, with plans as low as $14.99/month (plus tax) with a one-year commitment. (6) Annual and one-time payment options available.Works with TiVo Mini,Connects to other TiVo DVRs,iOS and Android app for mobile viewing and management,Expandable storage (eSATA)
  • Watch eye-popping 4K UHD content: Fully 4K Ultra High-Definition compatible right out of the box, so you can make the most of all that crisp color, clarity and detail your 4K TV can deliver.
  • Your favorite streaming apps are fully integrated: No more switching inputs, remotes or devices. Access Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, VUDU, HBO GO, Pandora and more, from one, integrated experience. (2)
  • TiVo’s exclusive SkipMode™ feature gives you the power to skip entire commercial breaks of recorded shows at the press of a single button. (3) And QuickMode lets you watch recorded shows 30% faster with pitch-corrected audio.

This is the cable box/dvr that the major cable companies wish they had made.

Nice unit, does what it says. The only improvements i can think of would be a quieter fan and maybe a less clicky remote. The wife gets angry at night with my loud clicking.

Love it, just need my tech savvy son to help me learn all the features. My kids are actors, so i’m just thrilled to have a dvr that can record shows they are in and hopefully never lose them.

Awesome product by tivo, very happy with it, and very happy with the service.

Great once you get past setup. Setup was a pain mostly due to the tuning adapter. Not crazy about the fact that it doesn’t auto tune hd channels, wish there was one button that could be programmed for favorites.

Big improvement over the premiere xl4. A big improvement over my premiere xl4. Menus are much faster/ more responsive. The commercial skip function is nice. And works for more programs than i expected. My only disappointment with the commercial skip function is that the ‘skip data’ doesn’t seem to load as a program airs. It’s only available some time after the show is over. Frequently i start watching (for example) a 60 minute show 20-30 minutes in — so that i can fast forward through the commercials. Obviously, i can still do that. But not using ‘commercial skip’.

Just ditched dish and the hopper and have no regrets. The bolt+ with 4 tivo minis was very easy to set up.

I’ve used tivo for almost 15 years now. Tivo is having some minor software issues if you’re a cablecard user, but there are workarounds you can find on the tivo community website. Update 3/5/17: tivo has remedied the cablecard issues with a software update. Upgrading my rating to 5 stars.

Tivo is the best thing for television ever. . The tivo user interface and hardware completely streamline your television watching experience. Everything is integrated into one menu on one device, and now there are more tv shows available that i could never find through the directv box. Gone are the days of getting mad because the cable box didn’t work right. Tivo works right, records what i want, and there is no drama getting it to the tv.

Like some other reviewers mentioned. Like some other reviewers mentioned, you may have to go through several cablecards before you find one that the device recognizes. Daily use is a breeze, love the added storage, love the tall and wide guide listing vs charters terrible guide listings.

Very happy with the bolt plus. This is the first tivo i have ever owned. Part of this purchase was the consideration of cost benefits over renting and paying service fees to the cable company. I do also like to ability through the use of the tivo minis to be able to watch all the dvr material on any tv i want. I actually like the user interface on the cable companies dvrs and was worried about adjusting to the tivo experience. After i placed my order, i excitedly jumped on amazon to read the reviews only for them to plant seeds of concern about the new bolt plus. Honestly, i have no idea what these other folks are talking about. Some were complaining about spending hours setting the unit up??. Only if they had to stop and learn english. After running through the set up which was no longer than 15-20 minutes of super easy questions, i was not getting live tv.

Very pleased and pleasantly surprised with all the new features in. Very pleased and pleasantly surprised with all the new features in comparison to our old series 3. Compared to renting the cable company box, the new tivo will pay for itself in four years and in the long run worth every penny.

The tivo is so much better than the overpriced cable dvr i had. Flipping through channels is quick and the set up is intuitive. Setting if season passes can be a little tricky. It once you figure out the right settings, it is super easy.

Dvr nirvana the moment you get previous setup. Wonderful, class-foremost dvr the moment you get earlier the timely set up, but it is really worth it. Pros:1) simply just the most effective interface and expertise of any dvr2) snappy performance3) well curated program details in conditions of period and episode numbers4) 6 tuners5) fantastic mobile application that makes it possible for slingbox-like streaming and downloading for off-line viewing6) integration of main streaming solutions into exploring and onepass listings7) quick professional skip is brilliant (but only works works on significant exhibits)negatives:1) $five hundred is not cheap2) prolonged set up of 1 to 2 hours to go by the guided set up (clear-cut although)3) ridiculous expectation to hold out 24 several hours right after setup/activation for the tivo to operate (see workaround below)four) only the most typical streaming companies readily available. five) no ota (in excess of-the-air) tuner or capability. If you scrap cable, you will scrap this dvr. Other tivo’s have ota and cable. I had the primary 14-hour tivo in 1999 and a number of due to the fact then which include directivo variations. The tivo experience is well really worth it. I have applied additional of the six tuners than i imagined and now notice that four (on the standard bolts) would possible not be enough given i have a tivo mini for another place that works by using 1 tuner for stay tv.

Tivo bolt+ and mini, good as soon as working. Possessing to use a cable card and tuning adaptor detracts from the encounter. Minimal situation in which tivo mini would not hook up via a couple of netgear switches. And tivo mini situation with exhibiting favourite channels is silly, must be set. Finally, i wish you had all the apps / channels that roku supports. I do like remaining ready to combine streaming reveals into my shows, while it is really not as seamless as i would like. So, usually excellent with a couple slight flaws.

Outstanding entertainment process. Allows us to observe all the channels we want, history the displays we want to without the need of a significant bill from cable company. Actual dvr is top-quality to what we experienced from cable service provider and it really is truly good to have amazon primary and netflix built-in.

I dumped immediate tv and went back again to cable so i could have my tivo. This is the unit you have been waiting around for. A product that not only works by way of moca, but enables you to stream by means of plex digital content that is saved on your computer system and it works with my cable service provider. I’m a electrical power consumer, so remaining capable to stream my video content material in many formats is important to me. My only criticism, which is small is it would not get the job done with itunes (small issue). I like that i can stream mp4, mkv documents to this gadget via plex. And nothing beats the tv set manual of tivo.

Certainly great practical experience. A short while ago obtained the tivo bolt and with terrific enjoyment returned 2 dvr’s & two cable bins to verizon. Saved in excess of $60 for every thirty day period on my cable bill for not possessing to lease verizon’s devices. The seamless conversation in between cable, amazon, hulu& netflex is definitely astounding. The skip manner saves time & revolutionary.

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