TiVo Mini with IR/RF Remote – No Monthly Service Fees – Extends Your TiVo DVR : Great device! Can use your house wiring for connection.

With the asus tri-band ac3200 router, tivo mini holds a steady connection, works smoothly. I paired this with the tivo bolt which i reviewed here: http://smile. Com/tivo-bolt-unified-entertainment-system/product-reviews/b013x8yj3y/ tivo bolt 1tb unified entertainment system – dvr and streaming media player———-update – may 2017i had trouble getting the tivo mini and sometimes the bolt to connect to the tivo service or to stream shows. The problem was not in the tivo bolt or the mini or the connection between them, nor in my isp internet connection. The whole problem of connectivity went away when i upgraded to a gamer’s level asus router. And now, i just discovered a neat feature of the bolt — it shows you a message when the batteries in your remote get low. After a year of the tivo service, i find myself very pleased. End update – below is my original adventure into tivo installation. ——my install/configure adventures are lightly sketched in that review — there were manybelow is my lukewarm, 3-star review of the tivo mini, which i’ve been troubleshooting for a month or more.

I’ve only had it for 1 day so i’ll return to this post if anything changes but so far it’s great. Easy set up, seamless integration, works perfectly. The mini requires a working tivo roamio (works with some other models also) and it took a few minutes to “pair” it with our family room roamio at the other end of the house. We’ve had no issues with lag watching amazon and netflix on our bedroom tv and using it to watch live or pre-recorded tv is exactly the same as if we were in the family room. I haven’t noticed any pixelating, delays, or reduction in either sound or video quality. I have to admit that i am a bit surprised at how well the mini works. I shouldn’t have been surprised because we’ve always loved our tivo products primarily because they just work. No muss, no fuss, no bells and whistles, just fantastic functionality right out of the box.

Installation is easy but takes some time ( about one hour). I installed the tivo mini using our in house internet. We wave cat 5 outlets with each coax outlet. The startup takes a while, and you have to register the device with tivo first so the recognize it on their network. We can replace the overpriced dvr that we rent from our cable provider. Most users will need to purchase the moca adapter and filter to use the coax wiring system for the mini to reach the internet. Good news is no tivo service charge and maybe reduced charge from your cable provider.

Smart solution for multiple tvs. I now have a couple of tivo mini’s attached to two different tvs in the house, and the main dvr attached to the main tv in the family room. Three tvs with dvr and smart tv service for the price of one service contract.I use mine through a moca network in the house. It was fairly easy to set up. I love having the ability to watch netflix/hulu/hbo go/you tube on any of the tvs. Also, sometimes it’s nice to start a show on one tv and finish on another. Since the mini uses the main tivo dvr, you can start/stop/watch any recorded show on any tv.

  • Wow, I am impressed!!! 5 stars all around! A+++++
  • Watch Tivo recorded shows anywhere in the house. Works so well you might one them in every room with a TV.
  • Perfect Addition to our TiVo Home

TiVo Mini with IR/RF Remote – No Monthly Service Fees – Extends Your TiVo DVR

  • Add a TiVo Mini to additional TVs in your home for an easy, economical and entertaining multi-room setup.
  • TiVo service subscription is required. Options include a monthly service plan at $14.99/mo and a 1-year commitment, and an annual service plan at $149.99/year.
  • Tru Multi Room functionality means you get the full TiVo experience on every additional TV you equip with a TiVo Mini. Watch live and recorded shows, stream content or set up a OnePass.
  • Provides full access to your streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, VUDU, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more.
  • Connects to your TiVo DVR through your home network via Ethernet or MoCA (does not support Wifi). Compatible with TiVo BOLT, Roamio, Roamio OTA, Roamio Plus, Roamio Pro, Premiere 4 and Premiere XL4/Elite.

Tivo mini + tivo bolt = awesome. I have 5 tvs connected to my verizon fios server. The net result was i was renting 5 cable boxes/dvr from verizon for a whopping $62/month. I’ve replaced all the verizon boxes with tivo bolt and 4 tivo mini’s. The cost with subscription to tivo and considering the $5/month cost for the rental of the verizon cable card which goes into the bolt will be totally paid for in less than 16 months. The tivo experience is spectacular. I would be cord cutter if i was in an area that could receive abc ota signal without a massive antenna on the roof.

If you have tivo you will love the tivo mini. If you have tivo you will love the tivo mini. I bought two from amazon to go with my tivo bolt. Both allow full access to my tivo bolt from other tvs in my house. Anything you can do on the tivo bolt will be piggy-backed to this device. The tivo license on the bolt covers the tivo mini’s so you do not have to pay an extra monthly/yearly/lifetime access fee. I have had mine for a year now and will be buying two more in the future. They work by borrowing one of the tv channels from your main tivo box. My tivo bolt has 4 channels so i can have a maximum of three minis and the bolt running at the same time, but i can have an unlimited number of tivo mini’s – i just can’t have them all on at the same time. Update – i have now had these minis for two years and counting – they still work great.

So much better than my cable companies box. Tivo’s menus are aweome, so easy to navigate as well as the remote rocks; easy to use, very responsive. You just have to try to get the user experience. I paired this mini to my main tivo box; it was a bit challenging to setup but once you get it setup, no more monthly setup box charges and the connection is solid, never had delays, and i can watch tivo recordings in bed from my tivo app on my ipad. Too much good stuff and after 1 year will save $300 per year. . Don’t know why tivo doesn’t advertise more or why apple doesn’t buy tivo.

Would give it five stars but the price is a little high. Configuring with my roamio was a little tough. . I decided to leave direct tv after realizing that 9 of the 10 shows that i follow are over the air. I bought the tivo roamio and the 2 qty minis. If you are only buying the ota roamio then setup is very easy. It has a built in wireless connection if you have a wifi router at home but it also has jack to hardwire the network connection. Hardwire is always preferred for data rates but wifi is convenient and for the most part does what you need it to do. I use the wifi and streams hd without issue. The initial cost for my setup was a little steep.

The mini functions as it should. There was a bit of difficulty with setup. The mini wasn’t able to find the dvr on first attempt but a call to tivo support fixed the problem in a short amount of time. It has functioned properly since. I am using a moca network and have noticed a bit of latency in most operations. Channel changing, although i would not characterize it as slow, is a bit delayed. I am splitting the signal to two sets in adjacent rooms, a kitchen and breakfast room and the rf based remote allows me to changes channels while watching either set.

Warning for impatient people. Other reviewers have covered the fact that this is a great, convenient device. All i will add is that when purchased from amazon, it needs to be activated by tivo upon receipt. (devices i purchased directly from tivo were already activated when i received them. ) activation is easy, it just requires telling tivo the service number of your device (online or by phone). The instructions with the mini say to wait 15 minutes after activation to install the device, but when my mini “did not find” the compatible dvr, i called tivo and was told that activation usually takes at least two, but up to 24 hours. The setup is simple, but painfully slow if you don’t like waiting.

Tivo mini’s – good, but lacking. The mini works fairly well to watch a tv program (live or recorded) from the main unit. Tivo also allows you to search programs or movies with some online services. I don’t have problems watching online programming through the main unit, but with the mini’s, one tv the mini occasionally freezes and needs a power cycle and with the other, it stops and the tv reports an unsupported video signal. We’re now using the mini’s only for regular tv programs and a roku or amazon fire stick for the online programs.

Love this tivo mini, it allows me to finally have tv back in my bedroom without paying the cable company any more moneyi can access all the content that is on my tivo roamio in my living room, watch all my hd tv channels, it’s great. And for what my cable company charges me for an hd box, this will pay for itself in about 6 months. Note: i did find out that tivo customer support does not recommend you use a network switch. So i hardwired both the roamio and the mini to the router directly and it works great. I did have to wait 12 hours for activation of some sort of software patch because of the type of cable company i have. All in all, it was well worth the wait to get it up and running. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Tech support was great, at least they are people you can understand when they speak to you.

Generally good, minor issues. Great device, works with my tivo bolt to give me multi room capabilities. Two issues: first, it wouldn’t set up when connected to my network through a netgear switch. That is, both the bolt and the mini had to be directly connected to the same router to properly find each other and configure. Note that once configured, it worked fine through the switch. Second issue, the list of channels displayed in the guide is dependent on the settings in the bolt. That is, if i set the bolt to display my “favorite channels”, i can’t set the mini to display “all channels” in the guide. It’s a minor inconvenience, but a stupid limitation that tivo has not fixed.

Works fine once you figure out the real instructions on your. Works fine once you figure out the real instructions on your own. Setting up a tivo and mini on the same day requires reboots and forced updates that are not detailed in any documentation provided in the box. Expect to google a lot questions.

Can use your house wiring for connection. . Tivo minithis little unit is really great and does what it is advertised to do. Tivo is at pains to say that this unit will not operate wirelessly and must use an ethernet or coax connection. While that is true, you can get around that. I bought a victony 500bps home plug powerline ethernet adapter to make the connection to my tivo roamio ota. The home plug uses your house electric wiring to make the connection which i still have trouble getting my mind around, but it does work. If you can easily run an ethernet wire to your mini, that is the very best solution. There was no way for me to run a wire between units, so the home plug was the only solution for me. Hints:make sure you hook one of the home plugs to the mini and one to your modem/router.

Works well; gives you the tivo experience anyplace you have a coax jack. You need a coax jack, though. Kinda dumb, since wireless should work just fine. For some reason, tivo resists. I do get dropouts occasionally, where the tivo will lose connection to the home base tivo unit, via the moca network you setup over the cable lines. Wifi would be much more reliable.

Streaming usefulness – room to home. When it comes to streaming tv set & video clip content material to extra rooms the tivo mini presents advantage of steaming everywhere in my household. Using an ethernet or moca community link the tivo mini gives a very simple remedy. I needed to create a moca network so i could benefit from my current cable coax rg6 runs. The problem was the cable enterprise had 4 splitters in numerous places and i necessary to clear that up. I acquired a leviton utility box together with their 8 port bi-directional amplified catv module – just a fast notice the leviton module is expensive, about $180, it works great but go on line and get a amplified bi-directional 8-10 port module for less than $forty. It does the exact same issue, i just observed out to late. I located a excellent position shut to my garage to mount the utility can and then bought over the ceiling and pulled all the cables to the new utility box. This eradicated all the splitters and the amplified module that was directional only you will need a bi-directional unit. When you install the moca adapters.

Suggest it if you have a tivo technique and want to extend a dvr in diverse rooms. . I like the tivo tactic with these devices, i can increase dvr operation for a nominal fee of purchasing 1 of these units in any area. It is more affordable than renting units from cable organization. My tivo romio is my most important device, use a cable card from the cable business, i even get on demand from customers reveals and films. I also have netflix and vudu. Absolutely advise tivo dvr procedure. It’s very best to invest in the lifetime membership as you break even in a few of yrs vs cable organization rental fees.

Its a digital extension to my tivo bolt. I purchased this to change a failing cable box that the organization insisted had no concerns. Their box did not do hd, but i could get an up grade for a handful of much more dollars a thirty day period, no thanks. I returned all my cable products and now have a significantly far better program with tivo. It is person pleasant and has greater functions and graphics, producing the television working experience much better than normal cable. The only issue i have from the cable corporation is a cable card to manage the most important box. But with the tivo setup i have all functions at all tv’s as a result of out the household.

Substitution merchandise performs beautifully. Obtained a ‘new’ tivo mini from amazon with key shipping. So, becoming naive, i assumed the product is new with the typically acknowledged definition of that word. Tivo on the net registration for my account documented the item ‘already registered, contact one-877-367-8486. Following a person hour on hold, i gave up and returned the item fro alternative. I will update if and when i gained a ‘new’ tivo mini that has not however been ‘already registered. ‘updated 09apr17: amazon delivered the alternative tivo mini with no shipping and delivery charge, i observed that the exterior box label demonstrating the serial variety was taped above, necessitating me to find the s/n on the back of the product, but this time the registration was hassle free of charge and instantaneous. I have no viewpoint on why the afterwards box experienced an obscured serial selection but i do have my suspicions: it is much too effortless to ‘register’ an unopened box otherwise.

When we resolved to minimize the twine, we also made a decision to get a tivo, since honestly, what i was mainly having to pay for was the dvr service. I never like commercials, primarily as the election period attracts to a shut. $fifteen/month is a good deal less costly than $70 or $80/month. We bought a tivo ota, but this was only minimal to a single place in the dwelling. We preferred a few more solutions – seeing tv snuggling in bed, or downstairs in the media area. Just after carrying out some analysis, we determined this was a great choice. The tivo mini connects by way of both a community community (ethernet – wired only) or a moca (media in excess of coax) relationship, so it does not let you, to say, stream on your cellular phone or even though you happen to be traveling. It correctly mimics the multi-space program of a regular cable or satellite set up. I feel (but do not quote me on this) that the minis have no local storage – they are simply a way of processing the signal from the ‘main’ tivo box.

What is to say – i have had tivo’s in my property considering the fact that 2000 – all good. This saves having a cable card from your cable enterprise and shelling out the extra fee’s – will inevitably pay back for by itself. Must have a tivo with 4 or a lot more tuners. It also desires moca or and internet relationship (not wireless)easy set up – i have 3 doing the job wonderful.

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