TiVo Series 2 TCD540040 DVR Recorder : They’ll have to pry my peanut from my cold, dead hands!

I bought this unit as a backup to my original tivo box. I do not have high-def cable so this tivo fits my needs to a t.

This is an older model, but it changed the way i watch tv. I watch what i want, when i want, with no commercial interruption. No more desperate surfing through junk when nothing’s on. I’ve moved on to hd now, but if you have any questions at all about tivo, grab one of these babies for next to no money at all, and check it out.

I use this as a stand alone unit. Have never hooked it to the tivo service, as it came already activated. I have had my tivo unit for several years. Though a little slow when first plugging it in, it works a lot better than and does not freeze like direct tv dvr’s. I am able to easily record all my favorite movies. Stores 80 hours at basic quality recording. Recordings are fairly high quality even at the basic setting. Two usb ports for connecting a tivo wi fi adapter so you can connect to youtube, netflix, etc. Cooling fan system always keeps the tivo cool to the touch unlike direct tv dvr’s which overheat.

My tivo served me well for 8-10 yrs, then one day crash. Found new exact same one online at same price of original one. Arrived in good condition and well within promised time frame. Unfortunately, it’s back in the box unused after 3 weeks. A little detail about needing a phone hookup. I discontinued landline service last year. I’ll need to find someone with a landline, take tivo to there house, boot it up and download appropriate app to enable computer hookup. The item itself (or at least the original) was great.

  • They’ll have to pry my peanut from my cold, dead hands!

Tivo Series 2 TCD540040 DVR Recorder

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  • 40GB DVR Recorder

I bought a tivo back in 2002 or so and saw that i needed another one immediately in order to watch everything i was interested in. I ended up with two tivos so i could catch nbc and cbs, and occasionally abc, fox, and cable shows. Soon i needed more so i bought another two, one for strictly cbs, one for fox, and one for everything in between (cw, abc, and cable shows) and finally one for the kids’ shows. This got me and the wife spoiled. We were genuinely put out when a new show came on and we didn’t have a tivo that was free to record it due to other season pass recordings. I bit the bullet and i ended up with another two tivos for a total of 6 allowing me to record every new premier every season and watch it to see if i liked it. I never miss a show now and i love that. All have lifetime service too so i never need to worry about missing a show due to a billing error. I will say one thing though, they need to lower the lifetime service on older models like this from $399 to about $150 if they want to sell more of them. It’s just too high for an older product.

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Tivo Series 2 TCD540040 DVR Recorder
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